Charli Howard by Desiree Mattsson for Pat McGrath Labs

Charli Howard gives full on face by Desiree Mattsson captured for Pat McGrath Labs. What was once syrupy sweet has been transformed into something new. Something Divinely Sublime ~ This is a Story of How the World Climbed. Over the Mountains and Up to the Stars We Find Our Mind Spinning in a Galaxy off Mars. Bold colors are cast across the face from a deep, blue lid to a cherry kiss. Synergistic shades erupt as beauty blasts us into another direction. My lips eclipse the tonal attraction of time, my eyes ignite making it a visual kind. The bones of my face will stay here forever leaving the pain in my heart to follow suit. The pallor of my skin takes on a strange hue. One of depth and daring, it wares itself well. What I gain is the solid strain what I wear is truth. Each image is strangely similar. Standing strong she longs to vacate, while leaving never came to mind. Mysteries of modern makeup live in the echo chambers of my brain. Perfection is a very dangerous game. One may play but… will never win.

Red and black leather echo sounds of fashion fetishism, with shiny plastic made to look like neoprene magic. Her facial structure stands still while her limbs begin a subtle shift. Linda Wickman’s application technique is a celebration of skin. Leather gloves lift up to her face as her eyes are closed in a restful embrace. Her lids emit shades of sapphire while her lips give out a Lustful cry. Charli’s moody shadow reflects the somber backdrop, as two eye-wings jet out simultaneously. Dynamic colors define the times, radical accouterments entice and inspire. Black grommets highlight her bone structure, while a nose-ring and lip-crystal dangles down. Is This Real Or Is It Fantasy. The blue sky encircles the eye with a shade so captivating we can feel ourselves fly. By any other name this could come off as too good or touched up. However, with the talented McGrath at the wheel we find ourselves honored to witness perfection. Her connection to each project is clear, Pat McGrath projects a sense of feminine power while still allowing us to maintain a seductive edge.
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