Txema Yeste “Model Coven Casts Its Spell” for Models.com

Irina Liss, Leah Rödl, Manami Kinoshita, and Sarah Abney in “Model Coven Casts Its Spell” by Txema Yeste shot for Models.com. Yeste casts a conceptual spell conjuring a coven from the creative craft. Rich with imagination, he inspires us to wonder the halls of our mind. I never underestimate the power of his aesthetic intention. Producing a plethora of poetry in the form of pictures, is a true gift. His story is layered with conceptual richness. Things are never as they appear, and all is never what it claims. Leaning against the wall with her naked back open, two, long lariats hang down her spine. Enticing the girls to go deeper… to connect to their inner animal and evoke a sense of spirited adventure. Modern witchcraft is explored through the lore of mysticism, while mythical enchantment plays to the essence of supernatural magic. Like a ballerina captured in mid-pose Liss echoes poetic prose with hands laid softly behind her back. Keeping the beat she stretches and sways, conjuring forth every click of the camera. What seems tame can give off an intense reflection. Exposing prose, his ability to peel back layers of life is nothing less than prophetic. Connected yet independent. Each picture projects a piece of the whole person, echoing forth like a room inside the mind. He reflects humanity at it’s core. A picture of pure poetry. That is ~ Yeste at his Best.

Bernat Buscato casts a spell with styles that reflect the coven themed attire. These looks explore the complexity of the modern female. A strange combination of wares take us from a hoodie covered by a jean jacket, to a nun’s robe followed by a plethora of leather. Fashion forms a kind of bridge by which we can travel to another head space. Bright lights fill the page looming inside a growing rage. What the World Needs Now… if only it were that simple. A few words could erase our state. Or better, could turn back the hands of political time. But alas, we’re here to face our place in this world and beyond. Fashion fuses as Buscato uses style as a kind of sartorial language. Capturing candid shots that emit a longing, while simultaneously making a statement of strength. Giving an even keeled performance, while surrounded by a sense of impending intensity. Prolifically pronounced, these fabulous females aren’t afraid of the future or their place in it..

The magic of Tyron Machhausen is in play, unafraid to express naked makeup. He shows his bravery by being able to temper his need to overdo. By balancing the bravado, he allows the skin to evolve in a nature form. We, as the audience, then get the opportunity to explore the many facets of the face. By celebrating the subtle choices of his application process, we are able to see deeper into his world. Each verse is expressed, some largely connected and some wholly independent. That is the beauty of this story. Machhausen puts a masterful touch on each girl, allowing the features to play an important roll. A subtle hands makes the greatest stand. Sarah’s blue eyes are circled with a bronze tinted hue, while Leah’s lips are done in red, except a tiny moon shape done over the lower lip. Yeste inspires the imagination in such a way as to make us believe what we are seeing. A visual ambassador of change, light leaves behind a snapshot of covens conjuring. Ashley Javier uses the hair as an opportunity to explore, creating a mix of identifying coiffure. Each dew does the intended, highlighting the individual uniqueness while honoring the connection. This editorial echos the unity of women. Kinoshita exposes her tattoos, as a shot of seven smaller stars encircle the center one. A Poetic Placement ~ written on the heart of a female we can feel her fire rise.

From the back of Irina Liss I see the future unfold. Holding the story down, she leans against a wall leaving her beautiful back to say it all. She really centers this story. Alive with a kind of quiet pride, we watch from behind as her spirit starts to rise. Showing us more than we could ever see straight on. Brilliantly composed, she goes from being posed to moving in balletic format. Her arms out stretch and her legs extend, dancing to music we can’t hear. Her body moves through space, in a way we could never imagine. And, then to quietly leave as if she’s never arrived. Evocatively staged ~ poetically projected, this is the mark of true genius. Each capture sends us a picture caught in time. However, when we see Liss start to move we believe we are seeing her in actual time. It’s phenomenal. The multidimensional aspects of that one image plays to the concept of this piece. To capture the limbs in fluid form isn’t that unusual. However, when lengthy limbs carry on past the pictures limits, we become connected in a unique way. Subtly connects the subject matter, as if her hands reach out past the page, allowing the underlying intrigue to stir. Yeste’s unmatched ability to project movements onto a medium of limits, shows his reach is far beyond that of the camera.

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