Anna Cleveland in “Haut-Nah” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Germany, January 2018

Anna Cleveland, Lily Nova, Ansley Gulielmi, Jessie Bloemendaal and Karolin Wolter look back to see ahead in “Haut-Nah” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Germany, January ’18. The past and future converge as this takes us on a tour of haute couture. Delving into the history, we see this stand as a foundation for the fabulous 40’s, while heralding in what’s ahead. Fabrics find the curves and follow them closely, as we watch the feminine creature come into her own. Staring straight into the camera, she allows the angles of her aching beauty to lash out. Anna’s skin screams to be seen as her indignant cry is heard on high, we focus in on the splendor of her dewy complexion. This dynamic duo hits it out of the park (once again), with imagery that invites us to explore the unattainable world set before us.

Patrick Mackie pays tribute to the past with creations that appear like costumed couture. Fashion is artfully displayed with designs that define that time with high-end style. Mayhem ensues as Mackie’s models descend upon this expansive mansion. Dressed to the nines, each fab shot echoes the era’s intense fascination with presentation. Perfection is the name of the game with pictures that catapult us far past the page. Here, high fashion doesn’t fall, it is carefully placed with aggressive intent. Bathing gowns feature geometric shapes that shine through plastic outerwear, while patterns meet curvaceous lines from the body beneath. Swimming in luxury, one-piece suits are gathered at the bodice, creating a sweetheart shape. Poetic intention is realized by paying close attention to the period’s pastiche.

Yumi Lee invites us to travel in time whereby we witness the change in makeup. Faces were seen as works of art. When makeup was applied is was less a last minute addition, and more an extension of what I like to refer to as The Fantasy Self. This was a time when pictures provided a chance to alter our universe. Captures (as they were called) were taken with thought and pride, they weren’t common like they are today. Yumi’s attention to detail provides a chance for us to see perfection projected. She introduces us to a rich combination of era inspired beauty, as her dimensions are done with darkness that seems to blend into the skin. The eyes are smoked out yet clearly seen, giving the skin an altered visual appearance. Her color choices appear subtle, yet are done with distinction. Under a timely, red turban Lily lays back as her eyes swim in a sea of blue, while Ansley slips in with green shadow and a tan turban. The cosmetics come across as vintage viable, sticking close to the style from the era.

She Gives Good Face… that’s the most important statement I can make about Karolin’s fine features. Her wide orbital divide and square jaw makes her a perfect fit for this era. She stares piercingly to the sky with azure eyes, we see the angles of her bright skin shine. Her lined lips are thin while still feeling full, while her cheeks are high with bones so sharp (they could cut ‘a b**ch). Donning attire that looks achingly authentic, she wears a robe that looks like it’s made of gold. Bloemendaal finds herself sitting in that same tiled surround, as she pops open her compact and gingerly applies a coat of red, velvet lipstick. Dressed to the nines her makeup doesn’t disappoint, with a face-full of era inspired makeup. A turban tops her fur coat, while thigh-high boots are done in a shade of scarlet. The silkiness of her skin speaks to a time gone by, as Yumi uses the profile shots to his advantage. Luigi tucks their hair under a variety of caps, a technique done back in the day that elevated the designer lines. He embraces the length of Jessie’s blonde locks, the fiery nature of Lily’s fine hair and Ansley’s effortless updo.

The semblance of her skin is seen in silhouette, as the light hits her cheeks like pure, white snow. Her hand is laid across her forehead in dramatic form, allowing us to feel the angles of her ache. A shiny, black cap reflects the luminosity, as the reflection lets it bounce back. In the next image she lays back allowing the fragile areas of her neck and chest to be exposed. Black casts a dark shadow rather than spreading color, leaving Anna to look more authentic. Riding high on a carousel of creation, a colossal blend of colors sink into her skin. Decadence gives way to discerning taste, as the depth of distinction is met in the artistry of display. Peering through a looking glass, each image is done on a curve. In the abstract notion of our vivid mind lives a world of the divine. Dueling dimensions expose the beauty of the Era Blend. Through the past we get a perspective on historic relevance, while seeing ahead gives us a sense of semblance. This combination allows us to imagine life inside another century. Yesterday is all but gone forgotten like your favorite song… as tomorrow’s memories are made to stay ~ from the dreams we build on the backs of today.