Love Magazine

Alasdair McLellan covers Models/Muppets for Love Magazine, Fall/Winter 2017. In the furry, funny world of modern Muppets, Kermit the Frog, commits the cardinal sin of falling for fur. Playfully poetic, each image is a projection of all of your childhood wonder wrapped into a distant memory. The chaos of the couture comes to life, with Miu Miu making us believe that we can be apart of this festival of high fashion. Katie Grand uses this platform as a way to expose unique vantage points. Here we have a group of fiery females who aren’t afraid to explore. A wistful array of models and actresses combine forces, as they attempt to take these furry creatures to the avant-garde edge. Adwoa Aboah seems artfully comfortable sharing with us her inner child, while Julia Nobis follows with a furry foot. Stella Tennant makes quite a connection with a grouchy looking character she has chained to her. Chaos reigns supreme as each shot is a celebration of childhood memories.

Teddy Quinlivan gives the best face, with a strangely, somber image of her and two friends hidden by a veiled presence. The shot doesn’t fit the typical Muppets fare, but I assure you, artistically it gives a compelling contradiction. Jamie Bochert offers up the best twisted sense of pleasure, while Alek Wek draws us in with her stunning features. The pageantry of this entire piece is made for the sake of fun, with fashion playing a distant second. Kendall Jenner and Kermit comes together in perfect harmony, while Hailey Baldwin and Miss Piggy find their own blend of beauty. However, there’s one person who truly captures the spirit of this piece. Blake Lively reigns supreme, as she giggles it up with Kermit and cuddles close with Miss Piggy. Reminding us, we don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these furry friends.