Ping Hue in “Metamorphosis” by Greg Kadel for Hunger Magazine.

Through the miracle of Greg Kadel we are able to see beyond ourselves, in “Metamorphosis” shot for Hunger Magazine. Model Ping Hue possesses a captivating aura, inspiring us to see beyond our own views. This story asks that we put aside our concepts of perfection and allow our minds to fly. The raw skin is peeling off the face artfully disrupted and dutifully replaced. Silence echos throughout the page adopting every move of this ballet of tortured beauty. Kadel captures the moments in-between, These Moments of Metamorphosis. Art exposes itself in many forms, from overt excess to nuances, so silent, they can hardly be seen. Watching the process of transformation takes place, we wonder… is the face being covered by beauty or is beauty being covered by the face? This tantalizing tale gives us the raw, untouched version of change.

Viewing this editorial we are mesmerized by the abstract imagery that starts to unfold. A masque sits atop her skin, as each amalgamation presents a picture of pure potency. Setting the story off in place of true tranquility, she lays back as a black line runs up the side of her face. The look is intoxicating as the Metamorphosis begins. Laying in a state of quiet repose we question what we’re seeing. Ping Hue starts to change as the mask slowly peels away. Alteration is afoot as she embraces the theme. In the abstract essence of tomorrow’s pain her features fall like so much rain. Sitting under a pink shower her skin begins to separate from the painted surface. Blonde hair surrounds her skin, as the loose locks of lunacy are left to lay about. Shin Arima uses a daring array of wigs to unleash this high, fashion beast, with tones that range from a golden hue to a burning dew.     poetic prose – tanyajo

The bones of beauty are bred but to be, within the shape of humanity. Her fingers are spread across the skin, as hands are held to the form of her face. Art evolves like beauty being born, allowing Frank B. takes us to a place of change. A milky substance of pink and blue liquid covers the skin in droplets of dew. Moving us through the stages of molded mutation, we come face-to-face with distorted version of ourselves. The Maestro of Makeup, Frank B. combines chaos and constraint to capture compelling shots. Caste in a different category, he uses a watery material that falls from the sky like so much rain. Perusing each page I am struck by a sense of simulation. A poetic passing as such, paint is sprayed over her naked body leaving behind a trail of muted shades. Neon blue pops on top while an orange hue whispers below. This unique blend of cool colors appear as if glowing from just below the surface. Beauty basks in the glory of gorgeous, like sun coming so close it kisses the skin. Features are found falling off the face, as abstract eyes ignite in ice blue. Her tanned/toned body brings forth thoughts of forward motion… growth, if you will. The rich soil of skin is fed within the creative confines of casualty, allowing the virtuoso of majesty to take flight.

Ping projects pictures of unfiltered passion. This avant-garde tale defines the development of life as it extends through it’s many distinct stages. Bending & twisting she writhes with unanticipated pain and pleasure. Combined we find ourselves watching beauty being borne. Beauty that exists outside of our own tortured view of humanity. Escaping the confines of our withering, little minds there lives another world. Art evolves as time dissolves… daring imagery ignites a fire with shots that are left to inspire.