Saski de Brauw in “Clothes for Heroes” by Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine, A/W 2017.

Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler use clothes as a canvas in “Clothes for Heroes” captured by Willy Vanderperre for AnOther Magazine, A/W ’17. In the tedious tending of tomorrow’s truth… is where we find Saskia de Brauw leading the crew. She captivates on the cover followed by an editorial that fills in the blanks. We stare on high under a cloud strewn sky looking at a picture of time passing by. Beauty begs to be seen as each shot celebrates the art of discovery. Art is a reflection of truth… told by the mouths of mere mortals. So as we stare at this scene we must ask ourselves… what do we see?  A powerful question. When taken within the realm of nostalgia, this can be observed as poetry from the past. Or, when viewed through the eyes of tomorrow, we see they’ve risen to effect change. A hopeful beginning. However, we must remember that change is but a reflection of time gone by. In the ideological realm this stands as fair warning. Here, we find not a source of blame, but a spot for pure redemption. In our darkest hours we must look inside ourselves first. For it is here ~ in the place that we see as innocent ~ which requires the most forgiveness. To Do It All Again… I would go back and change but one thing, talk less listen more. My Anthem for Life. This is a Life Lesson, that I feel, is a universal anthem waiting to be sung. (Her)story is retold as we imagine life with a bend toward a new truth. In the neo-truth of tomorrow comes the agony of today. We can’t hide from our reality, for it will haunt us in a relentless pursuit of our personage. Paying homage to our past. This is a return of our artful reverence. Seeking Our Soul Sustenance, (Her)story is retold through the eyes of our sisters.

Olivier Rizzo carries the theme through an eclectic array of playful fabrics. Daring to bring the inside out. Each design devours the scene with high end looks that evoke a sense of symmetry. Avant-garde riches are normally made for the stage, as each item erupts in visual display. This is a vision of haute couture unkempt. One of today’s top models leads the way as we find ourselves walking through the fashion fields of tomorrow. Accouterments are as much a part of the finished product as fabric itself. Development is anything but arrested as materials move from the edge of one image to the tip of the next. Dressed in a kind of spirited overdrive we feel as their power ascends. Connecting with their environment, these four fearsome fighters choose to honor this world with pride.

Thomas De Kluyver doesn’t adhere to the male/female brand, instead allows each face to tell it’s own story. A compelling look at the art of modern cosmetics. This goes beyond the idea of masculine and feminine, and instead takes us into a realm of the unknown. A place where equality is set. Here it’s not a matter of men looking like women or vise/versa, it’s a change in our conceptual landscape. Joseph Signoret redefines masculine appeal, altering our ideas on what constitutes beauty. The angles of his face are highlighted by cosmetic enhancement, as brows are filled giving his eyes a distinct darkness. Modernity is made to look true as his skin is covered in a powdered hue. Lips leave us wanting more as the depth of color moves with the mounds of his mouth. Mastering Art of the Naked Face, Thomas uses Saskia’s profound features as a force of stability. Becoming one with the surroundings, she looks to the sun as it makes it way through the clouds. Tina Outen creates a custom headdress with pieces made to look like feathered headgear. Daan Duez, Henry Kitcher, Joseph Signoret & Saskia de Brauw use this alteration as a way to connect, with feathers that extend out with authentic articulation. They can feel the tribal beat flow through their bodies, as each individual makes a deep connection to the surroundings. At One With the Sky… Our Heart is but Wide… Watching Our Spirits Follow the Rise. At One With the Stars… The Night Does Shine… To Open Eyes That Have Forever Been Blind. At One with Our Souls… Our Bodies… Our Minds ~ We Feel the Power as We Fly Way on High.              ~ poetic prose ~ tanyajo