“Collections” by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan March 2018

The Ladies of the 80’s are borne as the ferocity of four females fuse by ‘Collections’ by Luigi & Iango for Vogue Japan, March ’18. Drama redefines the artistry of excess, spanning decades of high design. Luna Bijl, Lexi Boling, Selena Forrest and Kiki Willems grace the covers, with one showing the quartet emblazoned with brocade jackets and ruffled shirts from Louis Vuitton. The remaining magazine fronts have these models dividing and conquering, with standout looks from Spring 2018. Anna Dello Russo makes sure they shine in styles from Versace, Gucci, Dior and more. Every item is a collection of the creative. A neo-retro vibe gives way to a kind of eclectic form of fusion ~ from the high-octane 80’s to the future of avant-garde eruptive. Season’s come and season’s go but this year brings a screaming show. Bow down my friends and you will see apparel transformed into pure artistry. The ladies of the 80’s have arrived, and they’re not here to play a vintage lullaby, they’re here to rock the shit outta this editorial hit. Everything is brighter, bolder & bigger. Reminding us… Too Much is Never Enough!

There is an element of eruption that speaks to the influence of Pop Art. Keeping the emotions on lock-down, they’ve allowed fashion to explode. But, there’s a process to this madness. Pictures that could feel hyper panicked and outta of control, have an aire of calmness. United they stand… a connection compels us forth through a vision of unity. Their limbs are sticks of energy, long & lean they jet out in fits of excitement. While their long arms follow suit. Hanging down they mimic monkeys, swinging up in savage pursuit. The fluidity of the bodies are both monotonous and mesmerizing. Monotony plays to the mood, while the mesmerizing aspects take a more intoxicating approach. My eyes sweep over the page like a hungry lion en’rage. Waiting to devour every drop of these delicious designs.

Picking up the from the Anna Del Russo gives us a tour de force of high fashion. Ensembles travel to and fro, as this editorial digs into the depths of the past in an effort to project to the stylish future. Each image is a celebration of couture. As our eyes peruse each page readying for a righteous rage. A dynamic array of fabrics fuse, from slick leather to lascivious lace this is the place where rules are erased. The bump is back. The looseness of the locks brings us back to the day, with a kind of wildness that can’t be duplicated. The best we can do is honor it. Luigi lives up to the hype of the times with hair that flies high, a ‘la Selena. Falling free, these fresh, perky, long & luscious strands stand best to describe the history of haute locks.

What could’ve been makeup gone mad was kept in check, by the ever creative Yumi Lee. Taking the conceptual route he understood to fight the style would be the end of this editorial. Instead, he kept his vision light, by giving his makeup a naked appeal. Allowing natural features to shine, the show is in the glow. Luna Bijl comes face first with eyes that most represents the era of 80’s glam. Thick brows and heavy shadow defines the times, with a stripe of ripe rouge racing up the cheeks. Lexi leaves behind tradition in favor a more forward approach. Hyper-light brows and moody shadows highlight a strong stare, while introducing a sense of intensity. Three ladies with red lips lay over each other, as plastic jackets expose tape strips transformed into a bathing suit below. Embracing the Warholesque theme, Kiki captures the momentum of creativity. Glasses are made to mimic bejeweled fingers holding them up, as she wears nothing but elbow-high, black leather gloves/pants to match. Yes this drinks from the fountain of 80’s youth – while it still stretches out to explore more. We must move beyond the borders. This is a re-branding of beauty. This is not about the power of pretty. This is about the Soul of the She.