Kaia Gerber in “The Swan” by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, March 2018

Kaia Gerber comes into her own in “The Swan” shot by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, March 2018. The branches of her family tree are rooted in the industry. Born into beauty, Supermodel Cindy Crawford, is her mother. Kaia grabs hold of her genetic wings, allowing them to send her high over the scarlet sky, only to fall into the arms of tomorrow. This girl may look like her gorgeous mother, but she is a singular sensation. Up until this point we have been given pieces of her potential. Imagery designed to develop her abilities while allowing us to imagine her capabilities. I was of the mind that she would fall into that ever-growing group of fashion off-spring. Those who may enjoy moments of minor, monetary success, but are quickly replaced by those with more potential. I won’t be passé and claim that her connections have no meaning. But, I will maintain that it may be the thing that merely propels her forth, instead of holding her high. She may own the kind of soul that sings her own songs. We’ve witnessed her grow in an industry marked by her familial brand. Taking hold of the opportunities presented, for one would be a fool to neglect these avenues. As one would be remiss to ignore the very thing you were born to explore. She may have talents we can’t even conceive of right now. One’s that aren’t reflective of her familial connections. There is something special here, something that can’t be named. And that tells me all I need to know.

When you are overpowered by a pillar that both protects and prevents you – you are left with only one true choice. If indeed your aim is to succeed ~ you must then throw caution to the wind where you will exceed all expectations. A poetic pretension that speaks of the anguish one must endure to achieve any real and lasting industry success. We must throw aside the concept of doors opening and easy access. For we all agree that this can come easier to some than others. But, in the end, succeeding at the highest level requires something unattainable by mere familial bonds. For it speaks to those things we can’t control. There is no doubt in my mind this girl has benefited from many things, not the least of which is the fact that her mother is one of the greatest living supermodels of all time. However, many can attest that her ties to fame could be her falling. Fashion’s fabulous silhouettes take shape, as Joe McKenna ensures styles don’t wear her, with clothes that celebrate the moment. Each image is one of fantasy and flight as she finds herself midair in many shots.

Pat McGrath finds that elusive moment when beauty and time touch, in a way that makes them shine. It’s a powerful connection that comes for only a few, but when they connect everything else is through. Nothing begins or ends – there is only the aching of allure that continues. That is the Beauty of Kaia. Only a very, rare number of unique individuals fit into this category. Her deep, sultry eyes are left to shine adding only a dark hue to surround the lids. The mark of natural beauty is made when only a small amount of makeup gives a great result. The palate of her youthful glow is left in tact, with only a hint of powder to cast away any shine. McGrath is looking to unleash a glow that lives in the life of the skin. Her lips are left nude allowing us to focus on the fury of her natural brows.

The detail is in the decadence, as Guido Palau presents a superb cast of creative coiffure. Dazzling dews get our attention, as each image is made in honor of that era. Looks are left to the imagination, as architectural elements brings out the angular aspects of her features. Vidal Sassoon inspired Bobs are done with a geometric twist. Kaia looks like a secret agent, with one platinum wig and one black counterpart. She moves through each scene like an avant-garde dream… rising forth to follow the extreme. A prancing, preening, leaping fairy, so filled with energy the only choice you have is to join her on this genuine journey. I’m known to harbor a bit of deep distrust, especially when it comes to the pop-culture phenomenon. But here, I’m gonna say that I feel this girl has It. There’s no way to know where her future will take her, she’s only but a child. However, when you see this kind of raw talent, it’s hard to deny the truth. Beauty blending with an unmistakable element of joie de vivre – it’s simply so rare, you have to take a leap of faith.

We live in a world where popularity can change in a mere instant. Alter the number of hits you receive and… you’re a star. But, that’s just a conceptual event. We’re speaking about something that has gotten lost in the last decade. Not all beauty translates into the art of physical modeling. And, don’t get it twisted, when done right it is an art. Here we face a unique conundrum. Usually we are required to give someone deserving a chance. Someone, that would otherwise be overlooked. But, here we have a girl that’s been given every opportunity available. And, while you think that may give her a leg up, I contend it may be the very thing she has to overcome. Yes, she is Cindy Crawford’s daughter. One of the great “Supermodels” of all time. But, I maintain that will the mountain she will forever climb. If she can bare that weighty judgement, she may just prove to be something special. She doesn’t need to be the second coming, she need only to create her own way. There is a poetic calling in her face that gives way to a new place. So fare girl Fashioncow wishes you well.