Rianne van Rompaey in “Clinic” by Harley Weir for Love Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018

Rianne Van Rompaey claims the chaos in “Clinic” by Harley Weir for Love Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018. Don’t think you know my mind dear, for it is a tale to tell. Inside this sordid mind trap is a story Ne’er-do-well. So stop and smell the flowers. Scream into the night. For all we are is what we see, a framing of shear delight. Destiny is the dame that feeds our soul and ships our shame, unto a place of sovereign grace where we sip from the earth’s sweetened teet. The silence of secrecy doesn’t allow us to see… drowning in discernment aching to be free… there’s a kind of chaos that flows from you to me… waiting for our love to pour into eternity.

The body becomes an extension of self in emotive editorial. Every picture provides a view into the vast unknown. Infinite breaking into a thousand pieces. We walk through the wall of privacy passing into a place of peace. Shattering the righteous view we aim to settle in the valley new. This is a presentation of potential & unrealized passion. By redefining the idea of pretty we see the body from the inside/out. Every action is but a reaction. A truth told… a hand we hold… the evolution of how artistry unfolds. A poetic torrent of passing time echos in the darkened corners of my mind.

Katie Grand tells a story with style. A rich mix of art and excess meet in the middle, as this cohesive collection of fabulous fashion fills in the blanks. Layers of lunacy are cast across the body, as each image is a projection of passion. Artistry ignites a kind of neolithic energy, allowing Harley to embrace with forceful grace the topic of this theme. Connecting to the earth surface, each picture projects a sense of assimilation, while venturing ever further out into the vast unknown. Unique materials blend with daring designs, bringing the future of fantasy forward. Avant-garde excess divides our attention between captivating couture and intellectual stimulus. Fashion is a foray into the deep unknown, as a vast array of fabrics, plastic & coiffure proper sit dutifully atop her dome.

Ache… Break… Do it Again… all my waking anguish is brandished across the skin. Lauren Parsons doesn’t cover a single freckle, as the blankness of her face is filled with silent grace. Clarity is found in the cleanliness of her fair skin. A dusting of blush sweeps over her cheeks, as a naked complexion makes the story complete. Subtle tones are seen in a spectrum of soft shades, while orange lips and bright red nails captures the only placement of deep colors. Rianne doesn’t need to Makeup anything, as this is a telling of truth. Acupuncture exposes needles attaching to the dermal level. Cast aside your foolish pride, for this is what it takes. Dangling in defiant grace, pins are poked precariously atop her lovely face. Syd Hayes shows his adeptness to change, as Pin curls cascade down the front with back braids done in a tightened bun. Fringe appears as if hanging from the head, as uniqueness is the seed we need for beauty to breed.

Take a bite of freedom… take a sip of wine… hold your breath… fall face first… into the waiting arms of time. I sit and spin a sordid tale of truth and all its lies, I ache to dispel those tortured turnings that wait like a silent spy. Like a bunny bouncing into the land of lunacy… we take the jump we make the leap we bare the brunt as we spare the heat. Going ever deeper into the giant void, we tread ever lightly as not to be destroyed. Rianna finds herself falling into a secret space… a sordid place… where hope is all but gone. Bearing the seeds of truth life will take no lies, as symbolic growth is garnered within the walls of time. Open Your Mind Let Your Soul Be Free… Fly Little Birdie Atop Life’s Giant Knowledge Tree.