Tim Walker “Spirits Within” for Vogue Italia, February 2018

Anna Cleveland invites us to come hide inside the Tim Walker mind ride, in ‘Spirits Within‘ for Vogue Italia, February 2018. Walker asks that we venture into another realm. This is far beyond the normal editorial route, here we experience the mind/body blend. Experimental artistry is meant to open your mind to another time. Escaping the mediocrity of everyday life, our spirits ride free on the conceptual landscape. A Dream Divide… that which connects us is sure to divide as we seek to secure our souls to survive… from black to white and all things in between truth is found in the center of our dream. On the outskirts of normalcy live’s a place divine… where color basks in the beauty sublime. So seek my sisters and you will find that all things live in the company of kind.

Set Designer, Shona Heath, uses a simple surround to create something unique. Multi dimensional cutouts capture a sense of symbolism, as each zone protects it’s own sector, while simultaneously adhering to the greater story-line. Katy England & Shona Heath combine forces allowing us to really experience the momentum of high fashion. Neither Here… Nor There… we watch in awe as gravity disappears. A Place Beyond Begs Us to See that Things Ever Flowing are Things Ever Free. Fluidity explores the folly of abstract artistry. Synergistic energy explodes into the atmosphere, as a dynamic line of consistency works it’s way through this conceptual piece. Making the connection clear, there are no broken lines between with these walls.

Kiki Willems enjoys a grand transformation, as she stands inside a solid-black sheath, with slots for her hands to escape. Next she is draped against a darkened harp showcasing a more feminine frock, and then finds herself standing under a heart shaped wire with a fish dangling down. Her dress falls dramatically sweeping the floor, with patterns that entwine giving us more. Through haute couture we see the heart of humanity rise. Harry Alexander is a partner of passion, as he stands back in a black masque, as if to present the power of Duckie Thot. Anna evokes an ethereal presence, while at the end of her extended hand there’s a man wrapped in a silk bag. The message I see is one of rebirth. Even as his body is contained we can feel the fire of Jordan Robson. Standing in poetic posture every picture is a projection of hope.

The hands of Lucy Bridge are poetically portrayed, by the beauty of each aesthetically rich face. This is not a tale of makeup proper, this is an exploration of enrichment. When what is added to the skin is meant to take us further within… that is a power connection. Lucy uses the landscape of the face to further the artistic message. She doesn’t ask that we use any skewed view, instead, she implores us to explore. I see every portion of this piece as something meant to move us forward. Conveying that this is not a simple presentation, or a scene designed to evoke an extreme response. Rather, this is about the ride. A joyous jaunt to the other-side. James Crewe commands the room with shots that are truly mesmerizing. White paint covers his face with graphic lines/dots that simultaneously surround the eyes. His brows are made black, a sentiment of the stage, while jewels hang grandly from his ear. He is a spectacle of sensation, but, his makeup is the star.

Malcolm Edwards continues the coiffure experience as each is a masterpiece of millinery. This is not about haute hats and separate toppers, these are extensions of the ensemble expression. Edwards goes for gorgeous through his use of dramatic headgear. A silk chapeau frames the face while square shapes extend from the heads. A group of feathers seem to grow from the scalps soil while a black rose dangles precariously out the side of black cage coiffure. Millinery doesn’t just make a statement, it tops things off in the glory of gorgeous. Duckie dons a large fedora, so fantastic, a shadow follows suit, while Anna compels us forth wearing a headpiece that’s covered in fur. Nothing is as it seems to be yet everything is in perfect harmony. Kiki’s skin sings with a dusting of white powder that sets off her power brows, all poised under a wondrous wig. Stunningly simple yet wildly inspiring. This is not just a color change that takes place, this is a tale of true transformation.