Yoon Young Bae in “Madame Butterfly” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #190, February 2018

Yoon Young Bae spreads her wings in ”Madame Butterfly’ captured by Txema Yeste for Numéro #190, February 2018. Through the quiet corners of the mind we explore Nature’s fertile finest in the glory of the divine. Art evokes a sense of spirit rising. To know oneself is to really see that to love yourself you must fight to be free. These works aren’t merely ones to be ogled by the ocular arena, they are to be consumed by every aspect of human consciousness. Txema’s love of the land is artfully apparent, on a visually stimulating trip designed to deliver us into another dimension.

Colors are cast against the backdrop, giving each dimension a moment to shine. In every photograph this man finds the beauty of balance. And, while that may sound like a simple undertaking, it can take years to perfect. It’s like harnessing the poetry of heaven. Individual pieces are perfection, however, forging a union can be a query. I say this because I’m awe-struck by the unity of strikingly dissimilar imagery. His ability to connect concepts through an unyielding ability to explore, is utterly fascinating. In each image there lives a world of pure wonder, where colors are cast across the camera’s eye with shocking detail.  It’s intoxicating. Truly. Like nothing and no one else, his works stand alone. He gives each part of the page equal opportunity to shine. That means every element must live up to his vision. There is no background to hide in, only the area to rise up and explore. Visually Stimulating… It’s what I’ve been inspired to call, Pictorial Poetry.

To witness the beauty of Yoon Young is to honor your inner spirit. Victor Alvarez leaves behind the monotony of modern makeup to explore conceptual cosmetics. A concept that embraces the idea of female empowerment, by backing a new kind of physical enhancement. A new form of naked makeup, that casts aside the idea of cover-up in favor of a more natural approach. Where color is not meant to cover… it’s meant to enhance. Victor’s approach to application allows the features to speak. If the lips call for a bright color, they are given a blast of bright orange. But, in the next shot we see the skin is back to being free. Butterfly lands on her cheek, at once reminding us we are not in charge.

Fashions fuse as Bernat Buscato projects a playlist of passion formidable. Each piece evokes a sense of riveting play, while the rawness of every performance projects a sense of scintillation. Ui a fait un travail magnifique… with works so undeniable magnificent, it’s hard to predict the future. Designs defy labels, instead, asking that we experience them in new ways. Close your eyes and take flight as this invites what I call fluid alteration. The fluidity of each piece speaks to an expression of individuality, as fabric flows in synchronicity with surroundings. Vast secrets are held in every corner, as the earth’s riches are laid out before us. In symbiotic fashion every style is meant to stir the soul. We honor the ground we walk on as we raise our spirit higher.

Dramatic images are infused with sense of spirit rising. We are called forth in an effort to recognize the art that exists all around us. For it is here on the hallowed grounds we walk that true beauty is found. What have we done to deserve such riches? Do we honor this awe-inspiring beauty every day, or do we take these gifts for granted? I for one will fight to preserve the land on which we live. My Wish is to preserve these grand gifts we’ve been given.



made of water

air and land

to touch the ocean

to feel the sand

colors come alive

across the valley’s wide

flowing free

from you to me

poetic prose – tanyajo