Anna Cleveland in “Les Petits Papiers” by Alix Malka for 7Hollywood Magazine

Anna Cleveland’s body becomes a palate for papier-mâché perfection in “Les Petits Papiers” shot by Alix Malka, 7Hollywood Magazine. The Art of Anna Comes To Be as We Escape Inside the Fantasy. Paper Mache takes a turn as each ripped piece is placed over an epidermal layer. A showpiece that slowly transforms into an art installation. Torn paper finds it’s way to the skin opening us up to what’s within. A creative take on the artistry of exposure. The Art of Anna is unmasked, letting cut-up copies of Vintage Vogue tear sheets adhere to varied places on her body. We are mesmerized by the content that’s created, as images speak to an era of enlightenment. A fix for the 60’s is in as we find ourselves fascinated by a cash of captivating combinations. Dreams are assigned by an inability to be defined, as Cleveland delves into this decade with costumes that have her coming up color. Catherine Baba brings forth a flare for era specific fashion, blending flowing fabrics with an avant-garde edge. Sheer garments ebb in a semi-transparent state, as diaphanous designs flow with a delicate edge. Clashing fabrics fuse from black lace and feathered magenta, to soft silks that seemingly slip over decoupaged bodies. Anna stares straight into the camera, while strands of pearls drape over her naked shoulder. Dancing with agility and grace her fluid moves come in a trio-state. Photographic memorabilia honors this moment, by defining the time with distinction. Altered designs are depicted with poetic perfection, as Baba enriches the mix by enhancing the artistic influence. Torn pages are transformed into paper mache… turning copies of true Vintage Vogues Magazines into a haute blend of historical reference.

Lloyd Simmonds moves beyond makeup proper and into a more airbrushed arena. Beauty blends with bold colors that can stand next to the glossy cut-outs. Faux lashes take us back to the day, as ice-blue shades move in an orbital surround. Above and beyond… a rush of pink proves this isn’t just a blush, it’s an explosion that bleeds into the brows and beyond. Lloyd changes his tone with such subtlety, we hardly notice the altered images. Lids transforms with shadows that go from bright and shiny to a dark surround. Marrying both makeup concepts gives each application a unique appeal. Marc Orsatelli ups the ante by adding a flash of pink/blue streaks to enhance her strands. The hair is made to melt into the image rather than stand out. The look is simply stunning. Some shots have tear sheets attached to the body, glued over her skin like a kind of modern art project. In others, it’s as if the body is becoming the magazine itself. Beyond the look of a tattoo, they begin to be part of the skin. Famous shots make the editorial feel familiar, as faces peer out in exquisite form. Taking us to the most extreme version, Anna is holding up a bike behind her, as the front of her entire body is covered in magazine tears. An image that reads more like an art installation. The 1960’s has arrived, from Diane von Furstenberg to Cher, we see a plethora of famous people peaking out across her chest and down her belly. A shall of white pearls drape divinely over her shoulder… as the stage is set over her skin allowing strands to expose what’s within. Anna shows her passion for fashion as sheets of Vintage Vogue shots surround her head.

… Art Falls into the Arms of Love.  I have no other choice but to wear my feeling upon my sleeve. I am a wanderer of all wanderers. I am at once a follower and a quiet leader. joining in when necessary and falling back when required. I am not loud nor am I dormant. I am rich in depth, my feelings run deep and my hurt is real. I am human. Poetically So. I speak when spoken to, and I respond when inspired. I’m Fierce. Not in a way that would alarm you. But, I am a Warrior, none the less. A Fearsome Fighter that will do whatever it takes to Protect Those Whom I Love. And, Honor the Art with Which I Receive. Open to What is Falling… Avoiding what is Controlled. My aim is but far from the masses, as I seek that which is not sound to find what is not found. I Am at Once a Woman and Warrior… A Lady and a Lion… a Female and a Fighter… a Hero and a Human.  I am a quandary of chaos and I like it….