Jennae Quisenberry by Emma Tempest for 10 Magazine March 2018

Jennae Quisenberry by Emma Tempest for 10 Magazine March 2018.

Never beginning never ending her limbs are like a melody whispering in the winds. This is a story that captures that ever elusive time period that lingers between seasons. Balletic in stature poetic in pose. Every motion is utterly organic, as her body bends with the breeze, never forcing movement or fleeing from nature. She is one with her surroundings. Part of the stunning elements. Nature erupts allowing us to linger in the liveliness of the land. Winds whip through the aire without but a care… as so is the wonder of Jennae. Lending fashion to these moments without trying to overpower the bodily instincts, Camilla Pole does something unique here. Like High Fashion Fowl… fabrics fly like birds on high as they do try to stretch their glorious wings. The pièce de résistance is a large piece of plastic that wraps around her like it’s part of the ensemble proper. Catching the wind with such force, it literally takes her off her feet. She never fights the natural energy, instead she succumbs to the sensations. Letting her body move and bend in ways that seem to push the limits of gravity. Truly! To be in utter synchronicity with your surroundings is something to behold. The steam rises up off the water as the sun greets the day, leaving beauty to bare down and skin to melt effortlessly away. Desert Land is alive with passion as life and nature collide. Observation is the essence of execution, as heat beats down asking aire to rise forth. Sentience Speaks in a Spectacle of Time Working to Preserve the Essence of Human Kind.

Edge Authentic…

art is preserved

as undulating rhythms

fly solo in the valley

of the deserved

systematically sound

critically found

a fusion of both worlds

is where truth is unbound

we work to turn this false ideal

into something raw and real

into a dream that doesn’t lie

doesn’t boast and doesn’t hide

so, find you inner monster

ride your inner wave

steal that stunning sunset

’til your fears all go away….

we fight to find freedom

for you and me

 as we seek the forest

for the trees

poetic prose – tanyajo