Kris Grikaite by Mario Sorrenti for AnOther Magazine SS 2018

Kris Grikaite gets down and dirty in the most delicious way, by Mario Sorrenti for AnOther Magazine, SS 2018. Alexander McQueen swings into Spring with sweet looks that summon the severe side of style. Hard and soft merge into one forming a serene sense of stimulation. Kris Grikaite embraces this moment of female empowerment, by allowing the two sides of her personality to shine at the same time. What was once thought of as ladylike has been replaced by the the idea of the Feminine Rising. Strength is at it’s core where softness lives. The art of connection is found in the fusion of extremes. Like a butterfly soaring through the aire, she may seem soft in her core but I wouldn’t assume that to mean weakness follows. For it is here, in the subtleness of her soul, that savage strength survives. Never judge on first appearance, for under the frilly mask of modernity lives the sacred soul of self.

Robbie Spencer celebrates the concept of connection through art of synchronized styling. McQueen is the master of mixed messages as he heralds in a new day for haute play. Mixing conceptual themes allows us to think beyond this moment. Inspired styles don’t seek satisfaction they conjure creativity. In other words, these aren’t the clothes of today they are the couture of tomorrow. Layering takes on new meaning, as stacked clothing doesn’t merely cover, it reveals. Embellished fabrics are met with future edge, as Robbie Spencer takes the frilly out of these fashions. Heirloom dresses feature a plethora of feminine findings, from hand-embroidered floral motifs to deconstructed sleeves. Don’t get me wrong, these designs are rich with ruffled embellishments, but they are strong with sentiment. These are not your mother’s fabrics, they are hungry for fusion and enjoy the opposing edge. They are ~ for lack of better description ~ dangerously cool. In each image Kris isn’t there just to show off styles, she’s come to integrate into her surroundings. And that is the difference. She is part of this organic collection. And, as we come to understand it, we begin to see ourselves in a different light. What was once considered a campaign for couture has been forever changed.

The idea of haute couture is taken to a place that is pure. Diane Kendal uses her instincts to give us makeup that truly melds in with the surroundings. Smudged liner makes its way around the eyes, as black encircles the lids escaping the confines of pretty. Her piecing stare cuts like a knife, while each image speaks of strife. Luscious lips are tinged with a just-kissed glow, giving them a natural appeal. In each picture she is but a creature. She is both welcoming and opposing. Bold features bring forth the ferocity of the female spirit, as her pale complexion possesses a softness of presence, and her see-thru skin shows the soul.

This is a tale of tactile temptation. Each shot is a wealth of earthly elements. Covering her with such richness, she become one with her surroundings. Kendal ensures, whether in color or black/white we can see the fire of her eyes ignite, while Recine’s unique abilities allows him to use the hair as a kind of clay like material. The balance of things becomes about equality. Nothing is too much and nothing is enough. Organically inspired ~ We watch as she becomes the Master of her surroundings by merely succumbing to the truth. All things being and end with her. One with the Ground that She Stands while Giving Her Heart to that of the Land.

Here in the center of earth she is wretched and abound… beaten down by her surroundings she is nothing if not proud… forever amongst the wreckage humanity is found on sacred ground… singing her salvation is the most humblest of sounds. She Is Female Forever Free. poetic prose ~ tanyajo