Madison Headrick in “La Nueva Ola Del Color” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain April 2018

Madison Headrick captures the ways of a chameleon in “La Nueva Ola Del Color” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, 04/18. The face becomes a palate as the skin becomes a stage. Like colors culminating in a chasm of creativity, so is the Art of the Face. It’s pictorial pandemonium. Beauty blasts against the borders, as cosmetic creations work in symbiotic surround. There’s a balance that exists between art and the imagination. A delicate dance that combines the darkness of clean designs with the chaos of bright colors. Juan Cebrián uses styles that are anything but flat, as a dark backgrounds still manage to standout. Black lands with poignant flare as fabrics caress every curve of the body. Defined design elements offer embellishments of pleasure, as zippers crawl up the neck and sharp shoulders stand at attention. Soft leather spills down the body like liquid syrup spreading over the skin. A fusion of paint like colors blast against the face as borders can barley hold them in place.

The colors seem to emerge from within emanating forth as they sweep across the skin. The saturation seeps into your system with such intoxicating fervor, your can do nothing but submit. Lloyd Simmonds showcases a spectrum of spectacular shades. Colors scream to be seen as caustic cosmetics create a sense of cohesion. What could be nothing more than a pigment presentation, has been transformed. Chameleons scatter light to mimic cell change within the skin… Colouration is produced by reflection of light by chemical pigments within the cells of skin. Madison most resembles the look of wild birds as they sit perched upon their posts. These exquisite creatures appear complex in character, with eyes that belie many secrets. Borders are begone as this is a story of scintillation unleashed. No part of the facial structure is off limits. Lines are clean with a delineation that gives the skin a sense of dimension. Art induces excess while simultaneously emoting a sense of silence. The 80’s are alive again, reborn with makeup the mirrors that era’s edge. Chromatic intensity floods the face as wild combinations of color bring character to the skin.

Jordi Fontanals uses modern millinery to speak to the history of haute hats. High toppers extend from the head with such a presence, as if they aren’t a separate ensemble. A magenta/blue mixture makes my point complete, as this exquisite makeup combination moves up the forehead, meeting the brim of the high hat. These looks are majestic. Colors seems to radiate from a place deep inside, giving her an otherworldly glow. The defiance of decadence the daring of display will turn your head or make you go away. When released from it’s binding, her mane flies with unfettered force. Free from bondage… we watch as the borders of beauty are destroyed. Colors Cross and Colors Kiss… Colors Block and Colors Miss. Silken shades sink into the skin as dynamic colors reach into oblivion. The exotic eyes of these Birds of Paradise can see into your soul. 3-D Beauty Blasts Off the Page as making a dramatic change. Avant-garde decadence by way of the deranged harbors in the sea of strange.