Amandine Renard in “Champ Magnétique” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #198 April 2018

Amandine Renard enters Earth’s Magnetic Field in “Champ Magnétique” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #198, April 2018. Sand and sky collide as the majesty of nature is applied. A powerful piece that plays to the idea of force fields. Fantasy flies above the ground as beauty is bathed in desert surround. As all things end they begin again. Art evolves through the tragedy of tyranny and the antipathy of truth. Bernat Buscato finds fashions that fuse, as designs display bold colors and clean lines. Clothes cling to her body like so many particles drifting through the camera’s eye. The fluid nature of her stance is transformed as each step moves like a dance. Her body brings forth a sense of celebration, as balletic movements induce a positive, emotional response. Running just ahead of a long, white line her red gloves stand out in stellar form.

Pillows of soft silk fall over her face as her skin screams of savage strength. Laying on the sand she’s set against the land as Renard depicts with her body a synthetic sundial. The depth of her green eyes is met by the power of her brows. Hovering above, the thickness lays in strange juxtaposition to these fine features. A captivating combination. So beautiful is she, you would almost never want to cover her skin with makeup. Dark and moody with an ethereal edge, standing on the edge of humanity her look is hypnotic. A fiery stare that burns like a disguise. The details are daunting the graphics are divine ~ drama defines designs with skin that shine. Victor Alvarez creates a palate of perfection by projecting features that are both poignant and powerful. Her white face illuminates the blue sky, with a powdered hue that speaks to the earth’s energy flow. There’s not a long list of cosmetics used in this enlightened editorial, except for a scarlet lip that sends us into another dimension. Matching the geometric shapes applied to the ground, rings of blue, yellow and red slide over the skin in circular surround.

Healing rocks appear deep from the earth’s crust, honoring this magnetic force field. Humanity Heal Thyself as ethereal energy emits out of every porous land opening. Crossing the desert like a warrior queen, we watch the world at work. Txema captures a shot of Amandine from a unique angle, making it appear as if she is hanging off the side of a slope. This shot is meant to induce a sense of adventure while signifying superhuman strength. To triumph over fear is the greatest sense of accomplishment we can have. In the echo chambers of solemnity lives a narrow truth. To ache is to know the depth of your soul. An intrepid warrior an audacious explorer, paying homage we watch the Female Spirit Rise Forth and Conquer.