Grace Bol in ‘Pure Beauty’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany May 2018

Grace Bol is a picture of ‘Pure Beauty’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany, May 2018. Art is the answer. The undeniable truth. Where all thing comes from and all things return, this is a story of that long journey home. Art declares itself to be a signature of humanity ~ Bathed in the beauty of light’s ever moving Grace… we’re awed by her wonder… the luminosity of her face. Through the undulating rhythms of life there comes a place of peace. Where all of our routines are in sync. Our passions are put at ease ~ like winds hitting the forest trees. Calm yet chaotic, her body moves to the sounds of the land and sea… like finding the tree of truth… branches beat at the hearts door… while inside we find the mind we’re looking for. Art is an extension of ourselves. Trapped by our memories set free by our fantasy, we ache to uncover the answer.

Dancing in the dust of our survival we seek answers for our existence. Don’t be repelled by my need to explore. Expand your brand and dig deep into this mental land. Lose yourself in the exquisite nature of this piece. Christiane Arp doesn’t just strike the right cords, she offers forth a fusion of authentic art. Pictures of pure poetry ~ if you will. Each piece is potent on it’s own, but when combined they form a perfect harmony. Fashion is a tool of grandeur, as fabrics fall over the body, black & white collide with clear intention. We begin to see each image as an invitation. We choose to use our mind’s ability to travel past the glossy pictures and move into the meaty underground. Where the torrents of truth will save you. Clothes cascade over the body taking residence like a second skin.

Maud Laceppe follows this mantra by working the skin from within. Makeup isn’t designed to enhance, rather it’s mission is to melt away. I know it may sound strange, but when you consider that to be the goal, we see this tale from a unique angle. Raw beauty blends as there is no beginning and no end. White lines are drawn under her eyes, sticking out while hardly showing. This is masterful makeup at it’s finest. A great hand is at work, as Maud mimics the natural curves of the face. Her lips are touched with a frosted shade, putting all who view them in a zen like state. Grace sits with just a dusting of hair, as Peter Gray uses her gorgeous head to express a sense of spirit. She seeks to find another way to turn darkness into the dawn of a new day. Each sartorial addition isn’t merely an accessory, they are hats that hold an extension of the story. In the acquiescence of the mind we ache to take another ride.

Her humanity beats against the backdrop like rain falling from the sky. Exposed as something unique. A quality that captures our imagination. Like hollering from the base of your soul. They aren’t screams that are extolled, rather, they are intensity driven by a purity from within. Calmness isn’t synonymous with weakness. It is a word that carries much power and presents with it an evenness that speaks…

A savior of those that we seek

here in the ballroom of beauty

the bird cries, but never sleeps.

vividly shocking

sensationally attuned

we stare into the flame of our future

as we seek to find another way

to turn darkness into day

to let the sea doth play

in the background of life

art is the answer

the undeniable truth

where all thing comes from

and all things return

this is a story

of that…

long journey home

poetic prose – tanyajo