Miss Fame by Mat + Kat for V Magazine, Spring 2018

“I’m Ready for My Close-Up… Mr Demille,” a line made famous in the 1950 film, Sunset Boulevard. Exploring the 2018 Spring Collections, Miss Fame captures the nuance of noir, as she brings her ever elusive ways to the stage. Depicting a character from eras gone by. This reflects a time when stars were truly super and Fame was something far more substantial than a YouTube video. Ary Lappin defines this time as an era of distinction. When style wasn’t just about the clothes your wore, it was about a statement of purpose. Delicious designs bring forth of fusion of fashions, making us feel like we’ve traveled back in time. Delivering what can best be described as hyper-modern with a vintage twist. Photographers Mat + Kat explore the art of expression as they capture the glory of gorgeous. Evanie Frausto gives us a platinum dew that goes from icy to golden, topping this story off with poetic perfection. Dip Into a Dream as Miss Fame Becomes a Screen Queen. Watch Compelling Behind the Scenes Footage for V Magazine.

Art Evolves as Love Doth Fall Into These Arms of Mine… 

a frightful fall

from way up high

down to the ground

where birds do die

without their wings

they can not fly

unto the great

cinematic sky

fare sweet one

for this is done

to me upon

the wishing sun

I do not care

to come undone

for this I dare

to dream as one

I am but a soldier

a seeker of light

a lover of truth

a hunter of night

come calling I will

to watch it ignite

a place where my words

are all but my sight

poetic prose – tanyajo