Vanessa Axente “It’s Beautiful Here” by Jen Carey for Rika Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018

Vanessa Axente is a walking work of art in “It’s Beautiful Here” shot by Jen Carey for Rika Magazine, Spring/Summer 2018. Her body evokes a spirit of adventure, as each image stands alone while still connecting to the overall theme. Artistic reverie adds an element of intrigue, with geometric structure that follows the architectural landscape. We are inspired to take a more intimate view, with lines that ride the natural body. The overall trajectory of this editorial lends itself to the idea of moving pictures. Alexandra Carl incorporates solid shades with a hint of patterned play. There’s a fluidity to this fashion that celebrates simplicity while embracing a depth of discovery. That combination is compelling. Clean lines give way to a playful response, as designs inspire freedom with a dose of decadent fun. Vanessa shows her most private areas, from briefs done in a daring red. Primary colors pop off the page as her palate projects a sense of restless restraint.

Eva Copper creates makeup that appears naked. The face is awakened by a hint of highlight, giving her skin an even glow. Beauty begs to be seen in a natural state, as the eyes are left bare with thick, natural brows arched over the top. Her mouth holds the only sign of subtle color, with a touch of taupe kissing the lips. Wide set eyes are met with a strong nose and full lips. These features are the future of today’s females. David Harborow keeps the hair clean with a simple braid that falls down her back. Art is a reflection of humanity. A shadowed hand covers the belly button, as the sculpted arm hangs down over the female genitalia, exposing the missing finger. We aren’t afraid of our own power any longer. Her face is transferred over the most intimate of regions, as the power of her potential is captured in poetic form.

The Truth of Beauty

longs to be

forever united

forever free

moving through

the melody

life is but a dream…

mounted in fare majesty

shades of sprawling

silence speak

rising forth

to meet our fate

we’re a long, long

way from home…

lips whisper

a faint goodbye

eyes dance

as they drink

from the sky

words sing a lullaby

as daytime turns to dusk…

freedom is found

in sounds of silence

whispered words

of wisdom speak

edged in effigy

echoed in sadness

wading through

the waters deep

poetic prose – tanyajo