Fran Summers in “The Surreal Life” by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine April/May 2018

Fran Summers finds herself falling further into the Frey in “The Surreal Life” by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine, April/May 2018. Art is the evolution of being. Executing the animus we aim to take flight as the notion of artistry reaches out of sight. devouring the decadence… turning day into night… having an appetite for destruction we dine on the light. Karl Templer elevates this story as he takes us right to the fashion edge. Fabrics fuse with compelling construction that  exceeds the norm. The poetry of precision relies on designs that defy distinction. Iris van Herpen, Viktor & Rolf and Alexandre Vauthier bring forth a fusion of high fashions that are as much about art that expresses than clothes that cover. Abstract edginess imbues our view, with a dizzying designed with the Rorschach Test in Mind. Black billows over the body with a blend of unique materials that lay in uniform ways. Through the looking-glass of reflection she sees a new version of herself… aching for sake of being bold she shall not tell a tale untold… for the winds weep in silent sound as the  it is upon her that rain comes down with winds that weep in silent sound.

Art is Action… Art is Abstraction. Art is an expression of free will. Falling into that moment when all things go silent, yet your mind is screaming frantically. Visually constructive this story builds on the confines of creativity. Like paint on a palate, Diane Kendal uses the face as a place to project. The depth of dimension is found in secrets of the skin. Makeup is merely a masque. The skin is akin to a mound of milky wonder. Every curve is courageous every point poetic. Through the tortuous turnings of life’s stunning spell we long but to see this story ne’er do ‘ell. Beauty is but a construct of creativity, based on the idea of various elements collected. Appearing like a live art installation. Kendal uses the depths of Fran’s facial structure to caste a wave of dark shadows. We dive into the dimensions, as a black mark travels up the side of her nose, carrying over her eye and blasting into her brow. Charcoal surrounds the eye, as it pours over the lid in a liquid like state. The same tone takes shape rounding the top of the face, then it rides down the side of her cheeks. Landing under the bottom of her lower lip. The look is undeniably cool. Shay Ashual uses the head as less an expression of haute hair and more a vision of hyper active coiffure. A dizzying blend of deconstruction… from a mannequin head carried like a purse to soulless shoes with platforms two inches below the surface. Accouterments arrive as these toys come in the way of imaginative play. Sunglasses set upon her head as a way to pull you into this fun-house of fashion. Peering into the eyes of abstraction, we watch as Summer’s views through everything through the looking-glass of wonder.