Julia Bergshoeff in “En Tierra Hostil” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain June 2018

Julia Bergshoeff takes us inside the far reaches of the mind in this two-part series, “En Tierra Hostil” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Spain, June 2018. Outside the linear lines lives a place of utter excess. Art is an expression of this transient export. The psyche of the senses leads us to the center of the soul, where wisdom and perception collide. It is here that the sentient pleasures of life linger and the silent powers of the world unite.

In the tranquil corners of my quiet mind lives a spirit fighter that longs to find… that center place of solid grace where all things go to… Smell, Touch And Taste. Aching to find the freedom she adores she steps beyond the octagonal door. Outside the safe bubble we watch Julia become one with her world. She moves past the protective surface to break out of the plastic cover. Like an infant getting attuned to her environment. She takes an intimate excursion that ventures to a place of picturesque beauty. Laying across the land… She is one with the sand… Reaching out to touch the aire a bubble appears in her hand. The sun beats down on the ground as clouds step up in dramatic surround, we watch the world’s earthly abound as sheets of water spill around. Calmness collects on solid ground as right is left and up is down, we fall to our knees to honor the profound as the spirits rise we thank the forces that astound. 

Juan Cebrián echoes the elemental features of the foundation by using fashions that fuse with the environment. Billowing silks fly against the azure sky, as hints of pink play behind. Julia lays on a bed of rocks, sinking between the sand she becomes one with the land. Her clothes don’t just match the background, they literally loose themselves in nature’s luxury. Bright orange and electric blue seem a faraway hue, as each outfit emanates organic elements. Ornamental artistry extends past the bodies barriers, and moves through space. Bergshoeff becomes part of earth’s pageantry with beauty that blends. Turning up the volume these shots scintillate. This transformative tale celebrates history. This isn’t about what the eyes perceive, this is about what the mind conceives. This is about the power of purity. An ode to the art of evolution. Yeste puts his imagination in overdrive with visual stimulation that’s hyper alive.

Víctor Álvarez invites us inside as his application process peels back many layers. Beauty is broken down to the ground where we all things can begin again. Naked Makeup works to uncover the skin, creating a feeling of connection. She bends and twists with form and fluidity, moving and morphing through a variety of stages. Julia peels an ecytoplasmic layer off her hands, while she stands with a netted overlay covering her skin. In most of the images she appears in a natural state. However, in one we get a scintillating side view as she stands to the side in dried paint covering her face/neck. Her eyes and lips break out against the cracked backdrop, with bold yellow covering her lids and vibrant red livening her lips. Vibrant hair is swept back, with streaks of color cascading over the strands. Jordi Fontanals celebrates the organic theme with dews that delve into the drama. A dynamic array of head gear captivates the senses. Head gear erupts from a swim-cap to a clear coat-cap, and a fish-net faux hat to a gingham overlay falling down the face. Watching as she morphs through a variety of stages, we appreciate the Art of the Earth. A triumphant spirit takes hold as humanity is held up high against the backdrop of sky. Each shot is a story in/of itself while still connecting to the central theme. Beauty bridges as artistry echoes through each scene… reaching a crescendo Julia ends where she begins back inside the bubble.