Lily Stewart in ‘Pantomime’ by Amanda Charchian For Numéro #193, May 2018

Lily Stewart bends, twists, shapes and shifts in ‘Pantomime’ by Amanda Charchian For Numéro #193, May 2018. Lensed thru the looking glass of wonder, we watch as this displays a door to another world. The majesty of movement the mimicry of might leaves us fighting to find the vibrancy of light. Samuel Francois leads the way. This exquisite editorial uses the fundamentals of high fashion to celebrate the synchronicity of modern style. Linear shapes hold us at bay, while fluid angles allow us to play. Each conceptual layout is a physical extension of a mental construct. Every version has an equal or greater counterpart. Life is about the lessons. Here we watch her use the body as a form of expression. A red, plastique coat is covered with patterned lines of fading black dots. Billowing fabrics blow thru the aire, as Lily dares to bare the wrong side right. The fabric is shown forward but worn backward, leaving her to appear artfully askew. Decked out in divine designs, she shows us a series of sumptuous styles. To move but to never leave… the space by which you breath… opens your limbs light and free… feeling the passage way to peace.

Beauty Bends as Art Depends on What We Hold is True… For In the End We Dare to Content that We Know Not What We Do. Sandy Ganzer celebrates linear beauty through the use of optical illusion. The sun melts off her skin, as energy emanates from within ~ giving off a golden glow. Naked lips give off a natural, peach aire, leaving eyes to read with an ethereal stare. This application is stunning simple yet structurally unique. Winged liner rides over the lid, leaving the lower line clean. Eyebrows show us an altered display. Meeting in the middle then dropping down, lines ride the sides of the nose. Makeup is made to appear fresh, while slipping into an avant-garde bend. Daring imagery isn’t apparent at first glance, but becomes so as the picture’s poetic intent is made clear. These pictures do the unthinkable, they lift us up while leaving us with edge. Talty teases us into submission with hair that says business in the front, party on the sides. Geometric shapes take the lead as clean lines adhere to severe styling techniques. Straight bangs blast across the forehead, while there’s a triangle surprise waiting on the sides. Her hair graphics are done with utter precision. Leaving safety pins to be used as earrings against the cut-up coiffure. The camera is a reflection of spirit, as Charchian captures the angles of existence, with shots done upside/down and all around.