Marie-Agnès Gillot by Koto Bolofo for Numéro Magazine #193

Marie-Agnès Gillot breaks tradition in “Danse” by Koto Bolofo for Numéro Magazine #193. Redefining the concept of Ballet proper, Gillot’s body moves to it’s own beat. Ever moving ever flowing, the body beautiful bends but never breaks. Art evokes a sense of synergistic style. Fortune’s fluidity is found in the sanguine sounds of life’s rebound, leaving nature to sway on solid ground. Bare out sweet beauty, for it is here, in the fair repose of life’s sweet offerings that we find where we are truly meant to be. The curtain rises, the story lifts letting our imagination take a trip. Ballet is beauty held in flight. It becomes about thoughts translated through limbic movement. Her long limbs mimic the lengths at which we’ll go, as our feet reach out to find our next fancy. Dignified yet defiant, passion found in poetic surround allowing the prose to explode. Reaching down she feels the sweet surround of life and all it’s falls. She bends but never breaks, extending to an undiscovered place, salivating on the seductive shine of her out-stretched existence.

Cloth composes a spread of fluid fashions that aren’t meant to just overpower, they are designed to deeply devour. To understand the difference is to comprehend the chaos. Defying the norm can be a positive position to embrace. Danse represents the sentient side of life. Rebecca Bleynie takes each piece to it’s tallest point and then let’s it find it’s own height. The results are remarkable. Fabric flows from see-thru silk to a net overlay, allowing us to experience every extension. Black liner flies over her eyes in winged response, as Min Kim uses the music of makeup as a backdrop of beauty. This soaring story takes us over the top with tones done in black/white. Follow the lines of ecstasy as they fall down the rivers of her body. Baked in the veins is the linear patterns of poetic intent. An artful repose… sent to mimic the map of existence. Humanity is held in the highest regard. We are witness to what beauty it can hold, what patterns it can expose. We watch with baited breathe as she lets her limbs fall. The ever melodic sounds are shared through the rhythm of fluidity. Gillot’s moves pull us into the groove.

A Female in Flight…

ever moving

ever flowing

fluid sound

solid ground

love is to live

inside the soul

to reach a place

of sacred grace

limbs lift us up

to a higher space

where we seek a

sojourn of silence

poetic prose – tanyajo