Anja Rubik in “Oceans” by Mario Sorrenti for Porter Magazine #27, Summer Escape 2018.

Anja Rubik finds her heart is true diving Into the Blue, in “Oceans” shot by Mario Sorrenti for Porter Magazine #27, Summer Escape 2018. Being called to the ocean she slips into the sea. An open book for on which the world will write. This story is Dedicated to Making Significant Environmental Changes in the Fashion Industry. Rubik stands with the sand and sun as she becomes part of the art of the ocean. Drinking from the water of life we see it’s significance. It is her joy and her savior. This is the life giving force she needs to exist. These garments aren’t meant to cover they are made to move. Silk fabrics fly with the wind, creating a varied array of fluid fashions. Camille Bidault-Waddington creates a pink-netted overlay that builds to a crescendo, with brilliant colors playing off the blue background. Her body bends in free-flowing time, making each picture appear like an organic rhyme. Each position is an expression of poetic reflection. The surroundings are subtle yet swift… as easy as you can lay the oceans waves will take you away. You Won’t Need to Become You Already Are… You Won’t Need to Convert You’re Aligned With the Stars. A Poetic Reflection is What You Will See When You Accept You’re Exactly As You Should Be. Swimming into infinite her body moves like a modern day mermaid.

Often we view the idea of beauty as a separate entity. Not your typical makeup story, here we see her skin as an extension of self. The sun falls over her face and down her body, caressing every curve like a long lost lover. She is at once sensual and natural. Two traits that don’t often go together. However, they play in perfect harmony. Aaron de Mey dusts the eyelids with a bronze lit hue, while tinting her cheeks with peachish dew… her mouth drips with a berry kiss making the lips a combination of the two. Rubik floats like one of the ocean’s most decorative fish, as Christiaan creates blonde hair that blends with the background. Cavorting with the creatures she swims in the sea, a heavenly vision for you and for me. As ethereal light breaks through the tip of the ocean bed, we begin to see our truth. The art of evolution is shown through the eyes of the wild. Anja Rubik shares her passion for the sea. This is the story of where life begins… but unless we take action this is where is could end.

There is a land that lives in my mind, a serene place you don’t seek you just find ~ from the Art of the Ocean to the Splash of the Sea Waves Wash Down Over You and Me. Beauty that exists to bring joy, is being threatened by human behavior. This tragic tale highlights the Fragility of Earth’s Ocean’s. The evolutionary process might seem punishing at first, but, when you stop longing for a drink you’ll lose your desperate thirst. You’ll see that all things do come to the same kind of end… to gather and repeat yet again. So, Kick Up the Sand and Let the Sun Warm Your Skin and Rides Those Waves Like the Mermaid Within. Seeking to Find the Inner Female that’s Free… The Fighter You Call On… The Woman You Can Be…  Just Break Through the Water, Reach for the Stars and Honor the Beautiful You that You Are.

Anja Rubik Combines with Non-Profit ~ Parley for the Oceans