Jessica Stam in ‘Going Under’ by René & Radka Vogue Portugal June 2018

Jessica Stam dives into the deep blue in ‘Going Under’ by René & Radka for Vogue Portugal, June 2018. Drowning in the depths of despair, we witness Jessica delivered by the weight of water. This has nothing to do with what we consider the limitations of being underwater, rather, it is about the art of discovery. Floating ever deeper still she gives herself over to the aquatic energy of life’s spiritual side. Stam falls into the arms of the universe, as this takes us back to our time In Utero.

We watch as the power of silence takes hold. Her face is submerged in blue as the sun screams down on the surface true. This stimulating story is filled with scintillating discovery. Linear designs bounce of the aquatic edge, amplified by layers of light. Art floats to the top as it echoes beneath. Walking over the water sublime Stam emerges as Goddess Divine. Wading through the deep, blue sea there’s a woman waiting to sing her siren song. Bubbles rise to the top, reminding us of our humanity. Life is but a dream set amongst the sentient stream, floating like destiny is alive all around her.

Olga Yanul uses a stunning array of modern styles to elevate the story and speak to freedom. These fashions were chosen with great forethought, allowing each image to appear as natural as possible. The clothes are not overtaken by the water, nor are they overpowering the picture. They seem to be floating free, showing each style in spectacular form.

Kathy Jeung applies makeup in a way that celebrates the skin. This isn’t about creating a perfect face, it’s about emulating natures’ raw materials to project an ethereal presence. Highlighting her features from unique angles, we see the truth of her beauty move through her body. A sense of spirit erupts as magnetic eyes ignite, with color only matched by the vivid water below. Screaming blue brings out the orbital hue, as a soft, bronze shade encircles her lids. By adhering to gravity’s gentle pull, each image takes her deeper inside this strange world. Wet with poetic reflection, colors are cast, as she falls to her knees and back in somber revelry. Becoming one with herself she begins to let go, as we watch her walk through the water like a power animal.

Listening to the Spirit of the Water, is the Reconnecting Element Between Our Materialistic Life and Spiritual World. Considered One of the Mysterious Gifts of Nature... on the surface water can be seen as a Sacred Being That Holds Life On Earth… a seed in the soil does not germinate until it receives water, this demonstrates that it is the Spirit of Water that Ignites the Production of Life. 

Water Can Carry the Weight of the World, as Gravity Holds You Your Body Will Serve. All is Revealed Under the Sea… Where Silence Speaks and Beauty Can Be… For All that You Need Floats Fearless and Free… Openly Displayed in Gentle Harmony. To Strengthen Your Spirit… To Feed Your Mind… This Blue Will Bind You To Truth that You Find. Humanity is a Subtle Servant, Chosen to Honor Earth and All it’s Artful Elements.   poetic prose – tanyajo