Marie-Agnes Gillot & Michaela DePrince in ‘Magic Moves’ by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, July 2018

Marie-Agnes Gillot & Michaela DePrince follow the light in ‘Magic Moves’ by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, July 2018. Dance is a delicate movement, one that requires stamina, stimulation, sturdiness and stead-fast determination. Here we witness two women in the throws of such a compilation of courage and commitment. Artful in their approach ~ open to all possibilities. We feel in them the spirit to fly. To rise up and be heard.

Michaela DePrince brings bravery to ballet. This is an exquisite story. One that is told every-time she moves her body. To see her dance with the exceptional Marie-Agnes Gillot – is to imagine a world where anything is possible.

In the tapestry of harmony their lives a tale of woe, where hope is gone and suffering long like a tiger chasing doe. So gather one gather all, to the winds I send this call. Don’t be afraid of what is gone, instead become that Female Strong.    poetic prose – tanyajo

When I read of the suffering that befell Michaela DePrince in her early life, I was saddened to such an extent, I didn’t feel I could write on the subject with discernment. However, after some deep reflection, I realized the weight of this topic and carried on. Watching this beautiful girl move, she honors her past in every step that she takes. Her body speaks in such a way it calls us to listen with great intent. She doesn’t betray her suffering, rather, she works to exhume her past. Thereby, daring to face her history and expose the injustice. Read More on Michaela DePrince’s courageous history.

A Slow Rise at First and then Followed by a Burst, that Can Only be Known by a Dancer with a Thirst. This is a story of two females on a search for freedom. Exploring art of articulation through the subtle yet swift movements of the limbs. Oh, but not just any limbs, these are the limbs of true genius. Brave Women on the search for freedom. They Are Females Who Can Fly.

Through the echo chambers of solemnity there exists a kind of truth. Like a fan expanding she opens her gauze gown. Standing in an extended pose, she seems to defy the act of time. All things stop as the world gets to watch this exquisite creature come into her own. Like a butterfly blooming so is the Beauty of Marie-Agnes Gillot. To see her but once is not enough. When at first you witness the depth of her being, something awakens in your soul, a feeling not yet known. My eyes caress her extensions like a hungry animal. It is not sexual, but very sensual. To view this Prima Ballerina in perfect form, is to absorb the beauty of a flower in full bloom. A drive to thrive. So inconceivable is she, one would not be alive if this did not evoke some kind of visceral response. Her body asks for it, and we respond. To be lifted is how I describe the journey. To Watch Her Move is like Watching Power Being Projected… Listening to Music that Isn’t Playing… It Is Art Unrestrained and Divinity Undefined.

Patrick Mackie has, what I call, the quiet roll. That is one that creates the dance costumes. Designed to not inhibit the body movement in any direct way. Choosing looks that go from lace to see-thru silk, this is flowing fashion at it’s finest. Anne Caroline works with the choreography, letting her makeup literally melt into the skin. She enhances the beauty with effortless aplomb, while allowing it to become one with the dance. This is not a docile cosmetic tale, rather it’s a defining moment. Chalk falls over the body like a palate of outline. Showing us this is a symbiotic story, whereby the artists take part in the process. Artistry is the commitment of poetic intention. It is not the success of such an endeavor, rather the effort to prevail that presents a sense of the serene ideal.

Life in Movement…

coming together in kind

we are of one union

we speak of one mind

Life In Movement…

to each word I do align

written in open chapter

for this I do opine

Life in Movement…

endlessly entwined

getting closer to truth

I forever long to find

Life in Movement…

connected to all time

aching to evolve

yearning to unwind

Life in Movement…

falling off the vine

daring to discover

this is destiny defined

unbound by providence of duty

we seek what is enshrined

art is eloquence in the making

a dance of the sublime

poetic prose – tanyajo