Saskia de Brauw in “A Sea of Sand & Sin” by Dario Catellani for Vogue Italia, May 2018

Saskia de Brauw finds herself falling in “A Sea of Sand & Sin” by Dario Catellani for Vogue Italia, May 2018. This is a tale of two. Images are reflected and shadows are seen in this sentimental journey that reads like a dream. Against solid shades patterns play in poetic ways. George Cortina commands our attention by summoning a captivating blend of colors and craft. Silk fabrics fall over her body with see-thru patterns that possess power. Dissection isn’t the answer. To tear something apart is too simplistic. Human nature allows us to harbor many dueling views, giving ourselves an opportunity to grow. To be open to other’s is to see all sides. Neither good nor bad, she is the sum of her parts.

Kanako Takase has mastered the art of Naked Makeup. A subtle application technique that defines the features without hiding the face. This is modernity realized. Soft shades highlight the beauty of the bones. Breaking free from cosmetics that cover, Takase explores the skin within. Marki Shkreli takes this concept to the next level. Using strands of Saskia’s hair she shows the subtlety of change. Mirror images are reflection of deep meditation. Each impression is a manifestation of mindful expression. Through thoughtful rumination we begin to see our way home.

Fall Unto These Arms My Sweet… Fall With All Your Charms… Don’t Lon’t look Away or Hide Your Face… For Here is Where Pain is Erased. Dare not young soldier for this is the dawn of your time. Doth not be afraid, for fear is your enemy. Your forever foe. A pillar of strength an agent of change, fight for your honor in this moment of strange. I Am Woman Hear Me Roar… A Fighting Tiger From the Floor… Through the Jungle I Do Soar… I Am Silent Never More