The Fashionable Lampoon

Sedona Legge wears nobility well in “Hot/Holy, Crown Majesty” by RankinThe Fashionable Lampoon Vol #13. Modernity makes it’s way to the Monarchy, as Sedona puts a new twist on this royal topic. Art evens out the playing field, allowing us common folk to explore the crown jewels. Sedona honors her Crown(s) with sublime grandeur, a character for which she exquisitely plays. Resplendent imagery is touched with avant-garde magic. Standing on solid ground… she is lost but never found… she is an enigma… a fleeting figment of the imagination. Dripping in accouterments draped to look like authentic antiquities, she exudes a strange kind of innocence. We feel the fire of depravity heating up the page, while, we witness innocence erupt as art rails in quiet rage. This story settles into the hedonistic arena of hauteness, honoring the ritualistic history. Artistry is the exodus of innocence ~ each articulation of animation leaves us wanting more.

Kim Howells connects each capture through fashionable amalgamation. Images are attached to the last application through a series of similar styles. Dramatic in nature, these outfits are an avant-garde masterpiece. Ripped in the right places, this couture is a combination of creativity and chaos. Choices appear aggressive in nature, yet fit together with seamless appeal. A captivating collection of extreme fabrics blend with a bouquet of unique techniques. Outfits evoke both color and craft, making them the definition of eclectic designs. A seam ripper runs across the bias, leaving the Brocade lines torn with intention. Couture grabs a grand array of creative fusions, through a mish/mash of manic proportions. Black ruffles explode with inflated fabrics that blast us back to the era of the Puffy Sleeve. Decadence is rediscovered as rich details define each design.

The music of makeup plays as James O’Riley brings out the art of beauty. This application is at once subtle and extreme. First we begin with a clean palate, portrayed through a thick layer of pale powder. An amber hue gives the illusion her eyes are nude, but, as the shade makes it’s way around her lids it gives an otherworldly glow. She stares intently down the camera’s lens, directing her distinct intensity outward. Modern brows are bleached out, appearing almost invisible. Her lashes look naked giving the impression they are all but gone. The end result is a compilation of the complicated. Art is in the intent, however, you can’t create this kind of palate. Legge lures you in with intensity that reaches far beyond her years, making it that much more delicious. Red covers her eyes in a haphazard manner, filling up the lids and spilling over the sides. The application is demonstratively messy, yet is distinctively alert. A scarlet shade covers the lips in a divine way, with a heart shape design ensuring LOVE will inspire the words she’ll say.

Hair is swept back as Nick Irwin creates coiffure made to stop the show. A crown is tipped to the left, giving the shot a picture of distinction, while, a stained, glass cross (only in appearance) teeters atop her head, looking a bit more dangerous. She wears a masque made to mimic a white net covering her eyes, while she dons a daring array of decadent jewels that drip down the front of her face. Like stars covering the night sky so is this gold glitter that settles on her skin. A gilded swath swarms around one eye, wearing like a patch. Standing in poetic pose we get a sense of distinction… while staring straight into the camera the auric appearance reads as real. These pictures might not project proper etiquette, but, they do offer a sense of symbolism. Two Worlds Come Together… as this vintage inspired story is made to mimic the past while projecting to the future.