Vittoria Ceretti in “On With the Show” by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany July 2018

Vittoria Ceretti plays in powdered snow as she goes “On With the Show” by Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany July 2018. Fantasy is on fertile ground as artistry erupts in semi-sonic surround. Making the transition from stiff mannequin to a woman of walking/taking wonder. I begin to imagine Vittoria as a rogue doll separated from her stringed connections. Caught in the stagecraft of ventriloquy, she fairs quite a show being one with the role. In many of the stiff images we can see the remnants of strings dangling down her beautiful body. Her independent spirit grows, as the fruits of her free limbs start to flow. German Actor, Lars Eidinger, morphs in musing agony, from a master puppeteer to a muted man without a verbal extension. Watching in awe, their roles switch. Ceretti is stuck in plastic wrap longing to escape her limitations, while, Eidinger finds himself facing his own version of that hell. This story is a masterpiece in the making. Art aches creating mixed messages topped with rebellious overtones.

Tom Van Dorpe uses fabric blends that feel more a part of the tale being told, than pieces of clothing to be worn. Fashion fuses worlds, giving us something tactile to hold onto. The shear transparency of the chiffon fabrics give way to a feathered overlay, while, a fury of red strings fall down the dress front. These looks are light and uplifting. Fashion accouterments move from feathers to flowers, each is an example of sartorial energy erupting. Vittoria is freed from her limiting position, allowing her spirit to fly high. While, Lars is left spinning into infinite.

Lloyd Simmonds starts her in makeup that mimics the strings that are attached to her body. Using her phenomenal features, he forms a new version of The Future Face. Empty emotions read as authentic, while strikes of somber shades create a flat expression. This strict showing may be the perfect pose for a ventriloquist dummy, however, it is certainly not the choice for a female rising. Her face starts to shine as lines take shape, transforming her look as a shift takes place. Like a butterfly in the making, so are the tones of her skin. Color comes alive as soft pink invades the side of her eyes and cheeks. Cosmetics are merely a signifyer of change. Pretty is as pretty does. It’s Not Beauty that Brings Free, It’s Finding the True Side of She. Like a proud peacock, she stands with no shame as a cast of colors wash over her skin. Creativity collects allowing the luxury of life to linger. Lars fights his reality, finding himself under a variety of stifling fabrics. Luigi uses a leather cap that mimics the transformation from puppet to person.

A netted overlay can erase the lines off a face, but can it take away the pain? His naked body stands in brutal admonishment – while the sanctimonious efforts of society prattle on. An ode to the art of the body beautiful. Man Stands in Naked Harmony while Tattered Remnants of His Past Catch Up. The angelic creature plays against the male figure, having him fall further into dismay. Just to witness the abstract comparison is an act of artistic masterpiece. Opposites do attract. We watch them distinctly distracted from one another, while oddly connecting in the chaos. It is often the disjointed efforts of the artist that leads to such harmony. The ethereal calmness next to the poetic discontent, lends itself to a picture of pure perfection.

Having someone speak for you… someone stealing your precious words, is something truly cruel. Our original thoughts are one of our most identifying indicators. Our deepest thoughts represent the most powerful part of our humanity. They say who we are as a person, and more importantly, words are the keys by which we open the mind’s door. Without them, we are nothing. Empty vessels left to rot. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I believe that it is our ability to conjure, collect, capture and connect with our language of choice that makes us so unique.

Art is the ever-aching notion of anti neutrality…

I am evolution in the making

I am what I will be

I am the change that you long for

the future you can’t see

I am the hope for tomorrow

the dream for today

I am the revolution in the making

the art that can’t stay

I am ever moving… ever free… I am one with humanity

I am here… I am gone… I am silent… I am strong

I’m a fighter that must be fooled… I’m a trigger that must be pulled.

poetic prose – tanyajo