Catherine McNeil by Hugh Lippe for Numéro #195 August 2018

Catherine Mcneil is all but recognizable in “La Mutante” shot by Hugh Lippe for Numéro #195, 08/18. Is She Real or Is She a Robot? This edgy editorial explores the art of intent while immersing into the sea of the extreme. Subtle yet savage seductive yet severe. Twisting and turning this story deigns to take us deep into another world. In the aching essence of abstract thought comes a brutal beauty held together by want.

Charles Varenne ventures forth into the future of high fashion, with stunning styles that appease our need to exceed. These are looks that stun us with texture while they lure us with vivid layering. A captivating collection of black fabrics devour us with dimensions. Taking us from patent-leather, silk and tulle to long-haired, fur that’s skirted around a silk bodysuit. Darkness devours the senses, leaving one lime colored dress done in plastic pieces that hang in fringed fiesta.

Kabuki uses Catherine’s sharp features to transform the face, celebrating her journey from another world. Light eyes are set on fire by the intensity of dark brows and black lips, all playing against the paleness of her skin. Ward Stegerhoek shaves the lower half of her scalp, allowing the top to sit atop like a bowl of beauty. The hair takes shape as wires and wigs make way around her head, giving the illusion that she’s bald. A piece of black plastic fits over her forehead, continuing down her nose and covering her lips. In another picture we have her sight subjected to silver, hanging like a masque of mystery. These looks are intense, leaving us to ponder the pathway home.

We are the static revolution… souls that catapult into one are artfully reflect into a vision of neo-none. To see is to believe what we witness can sometimes deceive. McNeil’s magnifying energy is a force to be reckoned with, in this realization of modern robots. Characters come to life with the idea that they will not overtake they will merely enhance. The tyrannous underpinnings of tomorrow play living on the backdrop of a tenacious today. Lest we forget what we are fighting for. Don’t wait to be fed as we fight for what is said carrying our beliefs on the backs of today’s tread. ART IS A TRUE CONSTRUCT!!!