Rankin “Glitter Bomb” for Hunger Magazine, July 2018


Colors Collide… Concepts Unite… As We Honor Each Person’s Natural Rights. Rankin celebrates this significant movement, through a series of compelling captures, in “Glitter Bomb” for Hunger Magazine. The Pride in London Parade took place on July 7th, honoring the supreme theme; Pride Matters. Each image is a vibrant reminder of the struggles and triumphs. Creative Director, Julia Salotti, uses heavy metal to make a statement, as bold pieces wrap around the wrist and neck. Skin and silver meet in the middle as TheoKayden, MistyTheBrand, Joel & Rebecca shine. Art Defines the Times As Our Spirits Break the Chains that Bind.

Let the Rivers of Glitter Flow Free! Makeup Artist, Marco Antonio, calls on the natural curves to send a message of strength. A cinema of colors swirl, as a river of rainbows flow over each body, while hands come together forming a symbolic heart. This isn’t about shock value. It’s about a willingness to stand for what you believe. To be what you believe. To honor every choice – as if it were your own. It comes down to one word – RESPECT! It’s not new, It’s not fresh, but, It’s the Best Way to Say We’re Proud… We’re Gay… And, We’re Here to Stay!

The LGBT Pride Flag Flies with Pride as a River of Rainbows Cry from the Eyes. Colors cascade over each body, representing diversity within the community. Paint like makeup acts like clothing covering the body, but in reality, it lays over naked skin. The vibrancy of the message is clear. As we look into the eyes of each person we are touched by their commonality, while respecting their differences. And that, is the beauty of this movement. This isn’t a story about the beauty of brightness, rather it’s a tale of togetherness. Art is a common denominator. When all else fails we can look to Art as a stabilizing force of fusion. Humanity is the Answer.