Bella Hadid in “Goldfish Bella” by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine Issue 39

Bella Hadid is on display in a unique way in “Goldfish Bella” by Charlotte Wales for Pop Magazine, Issue 39. Beauty begs to be adored yet longs to be ignored, a tortured reality Wales artfully explores. Scorched earth never burned so bright bringing beauty into the light. Fame is a cunning thing, like pretty poison it carries forth a tortured melody. Open to the theme of voyeurism, teasing shots proves this girl knows how to show. Contorted in a variety of compelling positions, here we are witness to the Blooming of Bella. A stunning specimen. The current phenomenon that has co-mingled modeling with celebrity status doesn’t fairly describe her. She, I believe, is the real thing.

Bella in a Bowl, this story takes from a powerful metaphor that speaks to the idea of being Caught in a Fishbowl. Trapped inside a place where the world can stare without care, but you can’t retreat as you aren’t really there. She is merely a thing. Stunning to be sure, but here, Bella is simply beauty inside a box. She can be ogled and viewed but can’t really move… she’s an exhibit on display. Pop Magazine’s co-founders, Katie Grand & Ashley Heath revealed “The idea was an extension of all these Instagram identities that she creates… every month she’s Baby Bella, Bahamas Bella, Bad Bella, Hells Bells ect. We asked if she’d be willing to be Goldfish Bella for Pop. It’s obviously a take on her fame & celebrity life.” Hadid uses the details of her mad existence in this Live Art Editorial Installation.

Charlotte Collet took this shoot from slinky to sexy and school-girl to chic. These designs make the eyes Pop, from a pink, asymmetric dress to a neon-blue, leather skirt. Collet uses the elements to her advantage, picking shiny fabrics that make you stare. A shiny swim suit sat on her skin like a sexy fish ready to swim. Proving this girl isn’t afraid of attention, the lavender one-piece had pictures of herself stuck all over the suit’s top. Every image is rich with color and design, while not taking over. Each outfit hugs the body, showing off her amazing curves while still paying homage to the idea of this editorial.

Jen Myles invites us to ride the features of her face by exposing the many angels. Paramount to the idea of pretty, is the concept of clarity. Myles introduces a new kind of modern makeup that’s perfect for this presentation. This application process allows the skin to breath while still showing the many colors of creativity. A compelling concept designed to make us believe Bella is underwater. Artistic exploration evokes a sense of symbolism asking that we imagine a world where anything is possible. We aren’t meant to think we are watching an actual fish, instead, we are invited to fantasize. Capturing her glowing complexion Myles hits the high points with pops of powder. Her face knows how to work the angles, as the camera gives this gorgeous girl an otherworldly appeal. The lids are lined with rich brown, while the lips are topped with a deep, peach tone. The look is spectacular. Shingo Shibata tops things off with high hair made to mimic a fin.

Bella beckons us to stay as she wills us straight away… we seek to find our minds swimming inside this spectacle of light. Lunacy asks that we sit and view her like an animal at a zoo. Or rather is she an exquisite work of art? Step inside this strange ride as she’s set to astound in stunning surround. We have a 365 degree view of this gorgeous girl. Nothing obstructs our eyes as we gorge on the feast. Like a piece of art on display so is Goldfish Bella. Is life inside the goldfish bowl worth it? I guess that is the million dollar question.