“Can’t Get No Sleep” by Mert & Marcus for Vogue UK September 2018

Kiki Willems, Anok Yai & Lara Mullen usher in a season of change with “Can’t Get No Sleep” shot by Mert & Marcus for Vogue UK, September 2018. Art is but an illusion life is but a dream… in the muted landscape of yesterday we linger longer in abstract theme. Neon’s allure has been interrupted. The fog lifts, with piercing pictures that show us, what was once considered strange is merely replaced by a taste of change. In the waning world we long to see that life is but a waiting escape. Sweeping tones are muted by a subtle overlay. Vintage inspired looks clash with class as retro canvases redefine color block designs. Creating a value add of vintage exquisite. Funky fashions are turned upside/down, as a cast of cool clothing is set against an industrial backdrop. This combination is compelling as opposing elements fuse in fantastical fare. Today’s youth is captured in front of an aging, energy plant. Vibrancy is met with intent signifying a kind of mental revolution. What is old is new again… We are met with a visual eruption while simultaneously witnessing a sense of depth rising.

Falling at the alter of modern art all things come together as things falls apart. Here we watch as youth ushers in a new era. There’s something utterly fascinating about this process. Altering gives way to change inspiring movement while staying the same. Seeing things through a fresh set of eyes. High fashion, when done right, has a unique way of borrowing from history while exploring the edge. This is a tale retold that never gets old. A kaleidoscope of colors collide as sartorial art is all but alive… giving retro a revival.

As we embraces the age of neon rage primary colors pop off the page. A brilliant backdrop sets off these amazing 80’s inspired designs. Giving us a fresh retake on these over-sized styles. Alastair McKimm captures our need for speed by borrowing from an era known to put it’s foot on the pedal. Playing the retro card he doubles down in bold regard. Diggin’ into the past we remember a time when styles they were a changin’. Unisex fashion was the thing with designs meant to make a statement. This collection captures an era when talking was over. 70’s Freedom had taken it’s turn, now it was time to not only speak your mind ~ as Grand Madame Madonna says ~ it’s time to Express Yourself. This story honors history by paying homage to a decade that threw caution to the wind.

The era of Muppet wares has begun as Anuk stuns in a fuzzy sweater topped with lime locks, al la Paul Hanlon. Her ensemble catches a reflection in her mirrored glasses, giving us a powerful picture of her head-to-toe green. Kiki rocks her red locks, as a pink light floods over her metallic jacket. Lara gets your juices flowing with a blue dew sticking up from her gigantic goggles. Fashion flies with great surprise as we witness the glory of gorgeous emerge. Aaron de May is a master of naked makeup. The eyes are covered with glasses/hair, allowing the features of the face to become one with the story. This isn’t your average editorial. Each image flies giving my words wings. Beauty beckons us to see beyond the skin, reminding us that all things that end begin again.

These pictures present a unique combination, as a plethora of industrialized materials make these looks appear ultra modern. Cement is set against the scorching haute wares of high fashion’s finest, as forward fabrics melt against the neolithic scenery. Street chic never seemed so complete as bright styles are saturated with a muted appeal. The concrete jungle provides a poetic backdrop, while chain linked fences remind us of our creative barriers. Power lines run through the page as art explodes in a quiet rage. The industrial complex crashes into the muted mountains edge, aiming to fuse the frenetic pace of pop culture’s energy.