Sarah Brannon in “La Prédatrice” by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones Numéro #195

Sarah Brannon dives deep in a sea of double exposure in “La Predatrice” by Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones for Numéro #195. Proving you can tell a story while still focusing on style. Sarah is a picture of predatory pretty as sartorial art is a unique avenue to explore. Verbiage goes vogue ~ as layers of stunning fabric fall over the body like words filling up the page. This is what I call the beautiful blend. The Future is Now. Decadence stirs the senses as it devours the scene, with fashion inspired by a 70’s dream. Rebecca Bleynie brings forth a collection of neo-creative looks, driven by a decade open to debauchery. Leather defines the times, with a shiny, red coat-dress cinched in the middle and a black gown that falls open at the slit. Jewels cascade over her shoulders and down the front, flowing naturally into a river of soft velvet. Dark feathers create a decorative blast, while petals pack a floral punch. Sequined embellishments cover her private parts, as a beaded dress dangles down capturing the era of the flapper gown. Leather has never looked so luscious, as cutouts peak from below letting black leather steal the show. Brannon hides behind a paper veil, as Bleynie matches texture of tights with a fabricated face mask.

Moody makeup adds a thrill as Andrew Gallimore goes in for the cosmetic kill. Forget naked makeup, as this application steals the show. It’s a new day and a new way with shadows that redefine how we see the eyes. Lose the lash look and let yourself luxuriate in dark, earthy tones. Andrew encircles the lids with a smoky shade, then smudges up and out for an altered eye-wing. Her lips are kissed with a tone above natural, while her face gives off a gorgeous glow. Martin Cullen goes wild for wigs, as this story is split right down the center. These dews double down, with color that goes from cool blonde to jet black. Hit by a half/half pixi-split, 60’s inspired combo cuts take high-end coiffure to another level. Sheer excitement captures the era of enlightenment, while giving off a modern twist. Headgear never looked so chic, from a skull cap to a face wrap, accessories add an element of edge. Double-exposure draws you in with visual interest, while creating a moving effect. A tale of two sides. The backdrop is done with a mix of multi-colored lighting, using neon elements to achieve a bold touch. Sarah Signals the Spirit of Artistry as Smoke Rises Up to Make the Call.