Cara Taylor & Luna Bijl by Oliver Hadlee Pearch for POP Magazine F/W 2018

Cara Taylor & Luna Bijl dare to declare a season of change in ‘La beauté est dans la rue’ captured by Oliver Hadlee Pearch for POP, F/W 2018. Beauty is in the Street, as the colors of creativity rise forth in poetic declaration. There’s no denying the power of this piece. Building a canvas rich in pigment and ravishing in pattern choice, gives the fabrics a distinction that’s different yet connected. Venturing into the arena of the eclectic. Colors collide elevating the entire experience, as fashion clashes taking these designs to another level. Clashing makes it’s radical rounds, landing in a place I call the chaotic cohesion. Style speaks as there is no denying the power of this piece. Thought not to be found in the bourgeois palaces of common culture, this story redefines our struggle to survive. Art in an undeniable force to be reckoned with, it draws us in as it dares us to begin. The combative nature of THE CLASH is destined to rest in the center of this vibrant uprising. To embrace the essence of strange speaks to a season of change… To Clash Is Pure.

An idea borne of out pure beauty… the purity of this peace speaks for itself, as Cara & Luna look as if they are melting into one another. The symbiosis is spectacular as patterns of play require a high level of symmetry. Working in the abstract, Charlotte Collet makes a connection by building colorful clothing off an arsenal of makeup. Designs redefine multiple dimensions by featuring a combination to include; silk, tweed, knit, cotton, faux fur and gaberdine. This cornucopia of radical fabrics radiate off the face, never competing only enhancing. An important observation, as these differences are as powerful as the color eruption itself. Yellow plaid plays well with silks covered in floral applications, while blue eyes hide in disguise making sure we see these dizzying designs. This is an exercise in what I refer to as Neo-Fusion. Bringing forth seemingly unsuited groups, and blending them into something spectacular. Like a coat of many colors so is the patchwork pattern done in a knit fabric.

Cohesive elements collide giving this collection it’s raw edge. Application conjures the idea of adding, while building requires a joining of forces. Peter Philips gets creative with cosmetics, while Stephane Lancien keeps in lock step with hair from fun & flirty to long & flowing. Here we are building beauty as the definition begins to change. Alter, if you will, the inconceivable angles of such an endeavor. If you PAINT OVER the skin then you lose the features completely. Philips uses a cutting edge application to take the face to a new place, allowing us to experience cosmetic painting on another level. Done with precision each piece has a sense of depth and dimension. These aren’t colors merely drawn on, they are dynamic designs swept over the skin. Only the eyes of strength could hold these shapes with such distinction, as each element is enhanced by the features of these two faces. Like a live-art installation these epidermal canvases feel like they are part of an artistic life. Beauty begs that we see beyond the skin with cosmetic artistry that’s hit a Bulls-Eye.

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“The poetic title of this poster is La Beauté Est Dans La Rue (Beauty Is in the Street). The poster is a declaration that beauty will not be found in the bourgeois palaces of culture, but in the struggle to create a new society. “