Guinevere van Seenus in “Fool’s Paradise” by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Italia September 2018

Guinevere van Seenus reaches on high daring to touch The Eye in the Sky in “Fool’s Paradise” by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Italia, September 2018. Bathed in burnt orange and mystic blue, her body takes a balletic stance giving the image an optical illusion. A blast of black falls to the ground creating a folly of satin fabric. The vision is lovely. Body paint is abound as mystic tones mimic the softness of sounds. In the land of wonder lives a tale of truth. One with nocturnal yearnings. Art glows from below exuding an artistic bend, while emerald and azure dare but to blend. Swaths of sizzling shades come together allowing cohesive colors to connect. Beauty burns through the night turning dusky dark into luminous light. Neon washes over her skin from a moody blue to a rich, amber hue. Her curved limbs become one with the tree as the baron branches grow endlessly. Reaching up to the heavens Seenus brushes the cloud with her hand, letting her body mimic the lay of the land.

Vittoria Ceretti holds onto the tree’s trunk as if she’s met a long lost lover. Her body cascades out in vivid extension as if to own it’s truths. To see beyond one’s self is to witness the bounty of true beauty. Thomas de Kluyver uses his immense talents to elevate the otherworldly aspects of this ethereal story. Caste against a broad backdrop, his work is a brilliant extension of self. Each shot is a medley of vivid mastery. A flood of fusion touches each face while the ugliness of life is all but erased. These ethereal beings bring with them a softness that pierces through the tough skin of society. Suspending a Surreal Notion of What We Do See Is It Me Looking at You or You at Me? Seenus sets her chin atop a yellow pillar as she stands in restful pose. Double vision takes us away to a place of promise where dreams can play… among the trees this gentle breeze will bring us back to the isle of ease.

Let the Bright Light Draw Over The Skin As We Let The Spirit of Salvation Sink In. Neon rich colors make there way over the page crying out in an riotous rage. Expansive layers are rich with detailed imagery highlighting dews that defy gravity. Their bodies are one with the nocturnal sky with curved limbs that appear like wings that fly. Saskia de Brauw eyes are bathed in a golden glow, while her cheeks are rosy and her skin does shine. Backcombed & beautiful, Paul Hanlon stuns us senseless with a bulbous creation that’s high on style. Let your imagination run wild, as Dripping in Drama, his works blend into the background while simultaneously standing out. Saskia’s wears a wreath in her hair from ancient Greece, as sits like a Goddess under the night sky with her eyes closed letting the golden shadow shine. Caste in the shadow of all that’s right we see beauty bound by an ethereal light.

The land of lavish lives inside the mind. We Aren’t driven by division we are bound by which we come, to build a bridge of compassion held together as one. Here we stand at the edge of tomorrow. Art is a revolutionary force of togetherness. A vision of creative purpose. Mert & Marcus deliver a divine piece of modern photography with images borne out of the beauty of being. Seeing in the future keeps the Eye in the Sky theme present, while the cinematic scale gives this tale an edge.

Watched by the Eye in the Sky This Story Reminds Us To Let Our Imagination Fly