Georgie Hobday in “Transform-Her” by Rankin for Hunger Magazine, Issue #15

Georgie Hobday redefines the idea of intergalactic beauty in “Transform-Her” by Rankin for Hunger Magazine, Issue #15. Fantasy Meets Reality in this exquisite cover editorial made to make us think. Is this real or is this fantasy? Artistry is the great equalizer. It commands us to see beyond our limits and to dream beyond our means. It’s a conveyor of all things. That’s to say, if you can think it… it will be part of your mind sensory system. A dynamic system that can move well beyond the brain. This isn’t just about applied art, this is an implied function of graphic display. Visually appealing imagery is used to both inspire and incite. Each shot is full of emotive incentives used to drive you mad. Exquisitely mad as it were. The intersection between art and science converge in this powerful look into the future of the face.

Kim Howells uses her raw talent and visual momentum to fuel the face. Here we are treated to the gifts of both exquisite styling and makeup. But, it’s in Kim’s subtly that we see the concept explode. She generously stays within the theme, using an array of gorgeous garb designed to inspire thoughts of future tripping. Fashion is used to elevate by both complimenting and stimulating. That’s a difficult job. Whether it’s the leather done in shiny chrome or neoprine made to look like pieces of plastic sewn together by black thread. The cover shot celebrates shoulders with a chic piece from Fred Butler and a Bomber Jacket from Marques Almeida. Manon Plache seduces with suede done in a deep-blue hue, while Nicola Bacchilega lures us in with metallic, leather. Teodora Mitrovska’s neon orange top has a place for tools, making it a modern day construction vest. Clothing gear gets creative with captivating combinations that are incredible. Cohesive pieces lend themselves to the bent of the story while still evoking a thoughtful presence. Here we have a fusion of high fashion. These flavors are built to bring forth a mixed response. They aren’t meant to be safe, they are concepts designed to defy the norm.

Beauty Bends to Righteous Ends as the Dull Ache of Mundane Traits Acquiesce to a Higher Sense. First, we must understand that we don’t have the comprehensive means to see this as it should be. For we are, simply put, relegated to play a part. We’ve left the prosaic nation in search of something more. It’s a facial revelation… It’s a spacial conversation… It’s a new way to see… It’s a new way to be. A transformation takes shape from the inside/out. By giving our sensory system a new way to view… we are looking at the world through neoteric eyes. This is the definition of avant-garde. Naked makeup is thought to be clean faced with no color enhancements, but I object to that line of thinking. It’s what I call the application of the anointed. Serving Face From the Future… the Anime like eyes give way to a transparent overlay, as a metallic masque covers just the chin letting the robotic effect takes over the skin. Pink pores out of every pour as the head is saturated in a deep, magenta shade. Skin tones are tapped with geometric patterns, as neon green pops off of closed eyes, while dots and lines creates an array of graphic complexions. Hobday’s face transforms before the eyes as altered features play tricks on the mind. Green plastic bends around the features, as twisted silver sets in for a creative display of high octane overlay. Andrew Gallimore continues his reign of resistance by pushing past normalcy and delving into the depths of defiant design. Paint looks like poetic marks tattooed over face as a river of colors collide. This neo-atzec warrior princess stares straight ahead as power emanates from her eyes. 

The visual field is characterized by unorthodox and experimental methods. Plastic and metal aren’t just attached to the skin, they actually appear connected in a more compelling manner. Aluminum pieces follow the face in a mirrored overlay, with silver shapes bent around the features in an even format. Using this kind of innovative technique allows common items to be presented in progressive ways. Gallimore’s application style is one that invites us to lose ourselves in the process. Using distinct placement of paint and product gives the face a multi-dimensional effect. Shiny silver reflects off the face as colors swirl in an enticing race. Is She Real or Robot? Only GH512 knows the answer, as we see she is marked by a number as if to imply she is merely machine. Enticing imagery projects a sense of spirit rising. The intention of artful reflection is all but met. As we peruse each picture we find the imagination expands with each pass. And, in the end, can any artist with for anything less… I think not!