Maggie Mauer in “Reflection” by Lucian Bor for Vogue Czech, October 2018.

Maggie Mauer looks inside herself in “Reflection” by Lucian Bor for Vogue Czech, October 2018. The sub-conscious is a place where poetry is borne. Art is a never-ending theme, when one creative door closes the other opens like an expansive dream. Tiziana Raimondo uses subtle color enhanced by a soft glow, allowing the beauty to blend to it’s mindful end. Nicolas Jurnjack takes the baton and runs his lovely lap by showcasing Maggie’s natural locks. Her hair gives off a golden glow adding to the other-worldly notion, letting a touch of glossy gel to seal the ethereal deal. Through her eyes we can see our hope shine. The Nexus of Neutrality Exists for Us to Come Together.

What is the Nexus of Neutrality? Is it a place where all sides come to castrate their commentary? Or, is it a valley of the visionaries, all committed to the collective advancement of synergy and salvation? You can’t have one without the other. A synergistic society counts on the continuity of community. “A group of people united by some common feature.” This definition goes to the heart of my conceptual argument. Such a task must be set with a cohesive idea. That’s to say, to have a thriving environment we must be willing to combine our similar efforts while allowing for individual growth to exist. History tells us that once divisions have been made it’s only a matter of time before one side falls. So in this tragic scenario I see that pain presents an opportunity to change. A chance we must follow a choice we must make.

We can’t transform the world in a day, but we can change our direction with conviction. This is not going to be easy. But, what in this life was ever promised to be so. An Ode to the Art of Aire… To All Who Comes and All Who Cares. An Ode to the Soul In Pain Who’s Falling Tears Pour Like Rain. To Those Who Wish Us Well… Who Send Their Love Through a Darker Veil. I reach my hand across the aisle in hopes that something will change.

So, here we stand at the end of a panic filled week. Facing yet another national tragedy, feeling further disillusioned. This morning, A Synagogue in Philadelphia opened it’s doors as a place of worship and reflection. Yet, instead of meeting to worship they were met with horror. This is not about watching details unfold, like you’re viewing the dramatic events of a television show. This is real life. Our real life. If we don’t start to understand that we have to change, the future seems grim at best. I pause to write with any kind of negative bend, but, this isn’t about how my prose flow. This Is About Our Future. We Must Find the Strength to Heal. A Way to Collect Ourselves and Come Together. My heart aches for the pain that was unleashed this week, and my mind cries for the loss of these lives. This isn’t an intellectual argument. This is a Stirring of the Collective Soul.

Through the Waters of Wonder…

Deep in the Waters

of Right and Wrong

Lives a Vital Notion

Hope is Strong

Hands are Linked

In Lines So Long

Human Connection

Is a Sacred Song

Love and Loss

Inextricably Bound

Walking the Path

Of Knowledge Found

Lingering In Life’s

Sanguine Sounds

We Find Our Way to Home

poetic prose – tanyajo