Kris Grikaite in “Colour Overload” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue China, January 2019

Kris Grikaite becomes a kaleidoscope of couture in ‘Colour Overload’ by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue China, 01/19. The art of avant-garde enticement lies in it’s ability to surprise. To evoke thoughts not common or shapes never seen. It thrives to give life to a flat image, while rising to meet the height. Fabric makes it’s way around the body, enhancing every curve and inspiring every concept. A dance can happen when forward fashion is able to fly. Watching, we see these rare moments captured. Each picture provides a thread of connection, linking us to the past while moving us ahead. It’s in this novel undertaking that we see the edges of au courant come into view.

Katie Shillingford celebrates the simplicity of high fashion by honoring the depths of haute couture. Dynamic designs are defined by a cacophony of bold colors and clean lines. Shillingford embraces spectacular shapes by allowing unique pieces to meet their pinnacle. Silks fall over the plains of the body, like fashion finding it’s way home. High-Fashion flourishes as layers of multi-colored net overlay are stacked to create a modern ballerina skirt. The folds of the fabric move in unison, expanding and contracting in musical harmony. Kris stands to the side with her head bent down in pride, as her veiled headdress wraps around the face and down her back. Lost in fantasy. Her silk skirt catches the aire, as the tail billows behind her body. Like a dream flying in the wind pillows of silk brush over her skin.

Nami Yoshida embraces the intent of the story with makeup that exudes from the tonal fabric sights. True beauty comes from within as abstract vision allows us to imagine primary pigments finding her features. That is… from the mystic realm of sweet surprise we find ourselves lost in a cornucopia of colour. Art is an extension of hope and hope and adjust to clarification. The face functions as much a featured element as a cog in the couture machine. Tonal blending can be a difficult prospect, as this process asks us to redefine spacial function. Poly-chromatic colors take shape, as thematic elements gives rise to a hue union. This fusion of fashion & makeup elevate the experience while synchronizing the surroundings. Beauty beguiles, as cohesive colors are echoed, making a matchy-matchy situation one of synthesis. Grikaite’s angelic skin sings as magenta tones sweep around the entire bed of her lids. Art is enticing. Art is ever free. Art is an illusion caught in a fantasy.

Shades of sienna sweep over the lids highlighted by blue eyes, while lips of umber burst forth in full bloom. A yellow veil wraps around her face, settling atop the head in a controlled explosion. Makeup matched with haute hats and headdresses create a compelling connection. The depth of shadow and shade become an extension of the experience as a rapturous effect takes hold. Hairstylist, Laurent Philippon, invites a sense of historic pride, with a variety of veiled overlays including; English Net, Silk Tulle, Organza and Chiffon. Fabrics feel as if they’ve been worked like clay before hitting a kiln. Each outfit falls in a unique way making every piece a fabric original. Through the ethereal material we are witness to beauty, so exquisite, it’s hard to name.