Liene Podina by Alexander Wessely for The Fashionable Lampoon

Liene Podina finds freedom in fluidity for ‘Corona Ferrea‘ by Alexander Wessely for The Fashionable Lampoon. Higher & higher the heat will rise forcing the cold to retreat in a slow demise. Trapped in the vulturous yearnings of desire, Anna Hughes-Chamberlain brings forth a fusion of fluid movement. High Fashion floods the page erupting in a riotous rage as the body devours the night artfully giving way to a luminous light. Cast upon us the couture of creative divinity. Ruffles revel as gauze reveals, leather rivals as fur doth feels. Dresses dance to the beat of their own drum, while each canvas is constructed of raw, emotional excess. Artist elements allow these designs to gather momentum. Visually appealing imagery inspires us to dig deep and drawn on the energy found. Bold fabrics fill the aire with a sense of symphonic sound, then they break for a moment and fall to the ground. The body bends and twists with balletic ease as arms stretch up in fluid form. Veiled fabrics fall over the face as sinewy shapes caress a symphony of skin. Like an orchestra in concert the vibrations send us into a sublime state of being. Fashion Angles deign to take flight spreading their wings and drinking in the light. Kristina Vidic uses her makeup sparingly allowing Liene’s sharp features to take the stage. Federico Ghezzi creates a semi-shag with long bangs the flow into the eyes. Her soft hair is made to mimic a pixi-dew, while clean lines allows each strand to rise and fall with the melodic sounds of the mind. Veiled Beauty Begs to Be Seen While It Longs to Retreat…

Stretch your limbs into infinite feel your way… for now is the time and today is the day. Fashion is a calming force as it fuels the fire of the fugitive mind. A peaceful coexistence occurs when rumblings of rebirth are met with a calm chaos of the collective. Archaic members of mutant society are selected to represent the avant-garde elite. The odyssey of the indiscriminate take hold as simplicity is replaced by savage individuality. Taking a style sojourn. She wanders off to the great unknown longing to fade into the high fashion fold. Futility surrounds the story, seeking to find the decadent divide. Retreating into the dark only to advance unto the light… skin to skin style does us in as the cult of personality continues its righteous rage. “Corona Ferrea is The iron crown is an ancient and precious crown that was used from the early Middle Ages until the nineteenth century for the coronation of the kings of Italy.” Art succumbs to the noise everyone screaming to get to their toys.

I am human

I am free

I am one

with humanity

I am righteous

I am strong

I’m a poet

I’m a song

so write me quiet

write me long

just don’t ever

write me wrong

poetic prose ~ tanyajo