Kris Grikaite & Anok Yai in ‘Le Rouge Et Noir’ by Collier Schorr for Vogue Italia, January 2019

Kris Grikaite & Anok Yai sink into shades of black and red in ‘Le Rouge Et Noir‘ by Collier Schorr for Vogue Italia, January 2019. Beauty builds as truth fulfills a force of formidable power. Kris Grikaite’s green eyes will lull you into another dimension, as you dare to fall into her hypnotic stare. Anok Yai’s beauty beckons us near as her calm demeanor keeps a cool distance. Unyielding in their wanting we can feel the energy rise resolute in their spirit these warriors start to fly. Seizing stares may appear to be bare, yet, inside the walls of Winter their will is still there. Artistry has unleashed our hidden beasts. Those grand animals that live inside us. Craving a bountiful harvest we begin to dig deeper. Working to unlock the doors that devour our inspiration and stifle our process. The art of tomorrow inspires the hands of today. We aim to open the cavernous cavities and express our greatest gift… Creativity.

These two models give off a drastically different vibe, but are viewed strangely the same. Two sides of the same person? Anok’s long, lean looks are dramatic, with gorgeous silhouettes that pay homage to the female form. Dressed in black/white with subtle hints of red. Both girls exude a calm demeanor as they pop off the page. Less about the maker and more about the mood. These high fashions make a statement on the woman inside the womb of wardrobe (as it were). Far to often we are obsessed with the outer layer, losing our connection with the inner being. As a society we often get off track. Losing ourselves in the tedious nature of things unnatural. At the risk of sounding like an after school special (if that’s still a thing). I regret the insidious nature of our culture. I was walking in the park today, and was struck by how many people I passed that didn’t even bother to look ahead at the path they were embarking upon. People of all ages, races and ethnic background. Faces buried in phones, their only source of connection, the (anti) social media. Across the board, it seemed they had all lost touch with their manners, and more importantly, their inner spirit. It was as if they weren’t real. I almost felt like I was in the middle of a low-budget, sci-fi movie. Where all the people had been replaced by cyborgs. The weird thing is, I don’t think the personality shift would be that different than what I witnessed.

Avant-garde culture abhors the trite. Beauty breaks from commonality, as bold colors burst in majestic form. Marie Chaix creates dynamic combinations that all play well together. Three simple shades take us to a place of symbolic harmony. Kris’s green eyes are intoxicating, with dark shadow that surrounds the orbital area. Her look draws you in, while tempting you with danger. Stunning us into submission, Diane Kendal creates eyes that bore into the soul. Focusing on their inner light her application takes us beyond the exterior border. What appears first as sullen and standoffish, looks different when you go a deeper. Schorr’s images celebrate the fire of the modern female with embers that show a slow burn below. Their combative natures are apparent. These Feisty Females may appear demure, but inside lives the strikes of dynamite waiting to burst. Moving beyond beauty, it’s the synchronicity that speaks. An air of loftiness is set ablaze, as to linger in the archaic nature of things. Find Your Full Self. Rise to the Occasion. Rise to Your Life. Meet Your Potential. Feel Your Strength.Take to Flight.

The Eyes Are the Mirror of the Soul