Vivien Solari in ‘Elari’s Wake’ by Emma Tempest for Vogue Italia, December 2018

Vivien Solari evokes a sense of ethereal being swimming through the subconscious in ‘Elari’s Wake’ by Emma Tempest for Vogue Italia, 12/18. Under Cover of Water… Time Diminishes. Giving Rise to the Sentient Spirit… The Essence of Her Being is Awakened. Engaging Armor of Ethos… Her Inner Artistry is Restored. Uplifting Energy… Unleashing Her Peace.

Submerged To See The Truth of Me ~ My Body Transferring Tranquility ~ What I Am Is the Who I Will Be ~ Words Moving through the Mind like Poetry. There is No Beginning… There is No End… There is Only The Transfer of Time… With Which We Can Transcend.


I will match my ear

with a lyrical tongue

with things thought out

and things undone

I’ll search in vain

over and about

I’ll seek in solitude

 a conceptual route

I’ll ride through the ethos

collide with the mind

through chambers of silence

and cylinders of time

if truth is a construct

then beauty is blind

as time spins into infinite

memories slowly unwind…

so let the tears flow

down the rivers of the face

asking sadness to return

to it’s time ~ to it’s place

for that which you seek

is the truth you will find

as the tenor of tone

returns then to rhymes

poetic prose – tanyajo