Rankin Delivers ‘Birdseye Beauty Story’ for Hunger Magazine Issue 15

Rankin celebrates spirit of the great Punk Ambassador, Ziggy Stardust, for Hunger Magazine, Issue 15. Touted as the New Wave Buzz Cuts, these styles embrace a sense of independence and coiffed character. The power of modified punk comes to bare in this edgy editorial that dares to imagine a place where anything is possible. Lucy Upton Prowse turns up the color quotient with couture that fits the high fashion bill. While, Marco Antonio’s wild liner leaves a great impression with wings that fly out both sides. But, let’s be clear, this is a story based on the powerful hair styling techniques of Lewis Pallett. High style seizes the moment, as New Wave Rebels give us a Birdseye View of something old turned something new. Rankin shoots these shots from overhead, giving the illusion that we are the Eye in the Sky.

Eye in the Sky

like a bird born to fly

you are part of the sky

seeking… you will find

you are one with the mind

falseness haunts you

truth sets you free

so open your eyes

to the you, you can be

No one said it was easy

No one said it was fair

the only thing promised

if you breathe you’ll meet air

We are all equal players

in this game we call life

It’s daunting and delicious

and it cuts like a knife

So, tonight… when dreaming

with your head in the clouds

dare to imagine

a life lived out loud

poetic prose – tanyajo