Ansley Gulielmi in ‘Dunes’ by Txema Yeste for Numero #201, March 2019

Ansley Gulielmi searches for her center at the ‘Dunes’ by Txema Yeste for Numero #201, March 2019. To celebrate the sky in all it’s glory. To pay homage to the past as we honor the land that feeds and the sea that surrounds. The rivers rage unto the sea ever changing in majesty… to ebb and flow wild and free winds of change blow in harmony. Art is a construct art is a rhyme, ever cherished the chimes of time. Like a movie that’s filmed in fluid motion, these creative forces fuse from one source to another. Contemplation. Teetering on life’s narrow edge we watch as Ansley hangs in the balance. Holding on with harrowing strength we can feel her hands grip the rope with unyielding effort. To witness restless restraint is powerful. She is not false. The ropes stand as a reminder. Existing not to hold her back, but to offer another direction. For every action there is an equal or stronger reaction. Life is an ever fluid machine, moving and morphing. Nothing is Permanent. While static stability appears in place what we witness is a female finding her inner grace. To me, grace is a place to meet your higher self. Open to all possibilities and closed to none. This is the balance personified. To be the being that she seeks.

Static Motion explores the complex and enigmatic forces of natural art. A circular vision held together by cinematic view points. Imbued with universal visions, these are conceptually contradictory yet inter-dependent. A composition captured mid-arrangement, this piece of poetry punctures our idea of static motion. Contrasting elements fill the aire… like limbs of legacy that come to bare… traveling forth it’s truth we declare… as we seek to fulfill our highest fare. To hang amongst the baron grounds… where the shallow yields amp the tempered sounds… of sparrows flying in circled surround… calling my soul to home. Hope is high where fields are found… under my body swinging ’round… what goes up must come down… unless you’re on life’s merry go ’round. Ansley gives forth dynamic form in this exquisite editorial that’s meaning is held deep within it’s topical imprint. Images are just that. Pictures congested with a kind of commonplace chaos. This story seeks to engage us on a deeper level.

Bernat Buscato finds fashion that flies in the face of formality. Lines of seductive style are stretched to an unrecognizable stance. Framed by the skyline, Txema’s remarkable ability to simultaneously show us the closeness of the clothes, while fulfilling the vastness of being. Equally embraced. We have no foreground, and thus no background. This is very rare. It’s common for artists to use the backdrop to tell a story. Emphasizing one aspect over another, silently states importance. Here, Txema trusts the viewer to make that decision. Dark shades bring out the depth of the face, while Victor Alvarez uses the platform of the skin to anchor linear shapes. One eyes is marked with a black square indicating her fight for balance is ever present. There is much intimacy in these images. Rich with details, she is one with the land, as she transcends into a being of true beauty. Blessed by the surroundings we see this story as a sign of hope. Hope that we can become one with the universe.

The winds of change blow wild and free as they move together in majesty. The sand rushes to meet the sea as they flow forever in harmony. Solemnity be damned. This is poetry in motion. This is not a quiet capture, tame in endless endeavor. These are pictures of life’s passion brimming with potential. This is everything and nothing. This is the largest of large and the smallest of small. This is screaming from a mountainscape, this is dreaming the great escape. Here we are one with universal intent. We are wild and vicious, terrifying and tall. We are scrupulous, savage, singular and small. Creatures that are insignificant individually, but when we connect, we collect the energy of the masses. We have the mind power of plenty. An ever evolving reserve of potential waiting to be discovered. Growing rapidly, Our existence isn’t futile ~ nor without consequence. We can make a difference. We are not all action and obvious response. We are an enlightened set of beings, bent on the idea of expansion. Higher learning leading to a higher understanding of self and situation. We are unique, yet utterly predictable. Humanity offers the keys to nothing. The magic happens in the mind.

This story is an expressive take on the art of Issac Newton’s Law of Physics. The first law states, “In an inertial frame, if a body is at rest or in uniform motion, then it will continue to do so unless it is acted upon by an external force.” The second law then follows with, “The rate of change of momentum of an object is equal to the net force applied on it.” and finally the third law articulates, ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. All forces occur in pairs equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.” While there is much more contemplating to do in order to understand Newtonian Physics. But, for the purpose of this discussion we will leave it there, taking with us a philosophical base of understanding.

Freedom finds her on her own flying through the clouds on a journey alone. Hanging from strings that fall from the sky this is my reason this is my why. The sand dunes of sorrow sink into my brain filter to fantasy and cry out like rain. It is but a process of agony’s aim to fight and to win at life that can mimic a game. Ropes provide stability when nothing else will. An ominous sight meant to divide our thought process. Yeste’s images are always ripe with resonance. The static force of futile pain is sure to set in static reign. The mind moves and grows as it ebbs and flow. The body follows suit, as parts are merely musical notes that deign to play on. The energy of the female spirit arises from the sand with sound and silence. Subtle shots reveal that the silent heroine is bound never more…