David LaChapelle in ‘It’s A Small World’ for Vogue Italia March 2019

‘It’s A Small World’ Inside the Matrix of My Mind… Where Hope Runs Wild Like Animals Sublime… When What You Seek is the Truth You’ll Find… Words of Wonder Speak in Lyrical Rhymes. Carmen Amare, Ling Liu, Tess McMillan, Olivia Anakwe, Thais Borges & Faith Lynch perform on the stage in ‘It’s A Small World’ by David LaChapelle for Vogue Italia, March 2019. Through the pink pyramids of Egypt, a camel of the same color rides up and poses on the desert lands of the imagination. Art and excess go hand-in-hand, as we trip together through LaChapelle land.

In chorus with the surroundings, each girl gets lost in her gorgeous shot. Kristen Vallow creates stage decorations that are (life-size) large, with cutouts made to look real. In opposing form, these females take to the stage artfully designed like paper dolls. The code is “doll like” with tiny dresses designed to define their personality. The chaos of kitchy couture has never been so delicious from… Cool Girl to City Girl, Girl Next Door & Diva Chic. Alex White picks clothing with fabrics that literally fuse with the background. These definitions aren’t meant to hold girls back, they are made to jump up the fun-factor. Introducing a bit of levity into the conversation doesn’t ensure we’ll go off track, rather, it offers of bit of genuine fun. Maintaining that part of our humanity is an important factor. As we continue to face up-hill battles, we must make our own “rest stops” (as it were). Allowing us the opportunity to stay in touch with our jovial sides. ‘Cause, when we lose touch with that, we lose everything. Fighting the system doesn’t mean we have to give up who we are. The only way that we can ensure we put our best foot forward, is to honor all parts of ourselves. Even, dare I say, the frivolous side. That is where I believe hope lies.

Fulvia Farolfi hits it outta-the-park with makeup made to make you wonder… are they real or are they dolls? The costumed effects capture the spirit of the piece, with unified ensembles that go from head-to-toe. Colors pop off the page with powder face’s made for the stage. Extreme eye applications add an avant-garde appeal, while bold lips send a kiss. Crazy cosmetics capture the theme of the piece, as over-the-top beauty fits in with the backdrop. Jimmy Paul’s collection of natural hair and wig-work is beyond divine. He honors the kitch theme, while still offering up a collection of clean coiffure. As this playful tale takes you for a ride, ask yourself, does real and fantasy fuse or do they exquisitely collide. A visual reverberation hits the eyes as the brain follows in grand surprise. Let the odyssey begin.