Eva Herzigova by Philip Gay For Harper’s Bazaar Russia April 2019

Eva Herzigova takes us on a sensual journey by Philip Gay for Harper’s Bazaar Russia, April 2019. Lightness awakens as beauty abounds watching her dance in dreamy surround. A balletic inspired interpretation explores the glamour of a romantic journey. Meeting her lover for a tryst of play she takes to a ship for a glorious getaway. We watch her careen through the corridors, colliding with the walls as if they were her partner. Moving through the space with unfettered grace joy is written over her face. Taking to her toes she pirouettes through the passageways, swaying, spinning and twirling about. Art is a collection of creativity captured in a moment. Here, the body moves like a brush over the canvas, filling each page with understated energy. The Prima in Eva rises forth, in this traveling tale of love and other longings.

Ekaterina Tabakova uses a compelling collection of ethereal fashions, from fitted dresses to flowing gowns. The fluid motion of sheer fabrics fly over her body as see-thru silk forms to skin. Garments dance independent of the body, giving her an otherworldly appeal. A tulle skirt blows over her face and down her back in a fanned appearance. Tight fight clothing is more seductive, creating a tantalizing effect. Her flow gives of a tone of spontaneity, while subtle moves appear reflective. This combination has an organic element not often seen in editorial artistry. Her understated sophistication is spun with a flavor of frolic. A style that comes off, dare I say… frisky. Cavorting with the camera, we feel Eva’s pull toward a secret liaison. Moving with freedom and infectious flirtation, intrigue awaits us around every corner. Her limbs drip with decadence as she dances toward a delicious dalliance. The exquisite pleasure isn’t found in any treasure. It comes from watching her with a sense of adventure. This story doesn’t rely on the destination, rather it savors every step until you arrive.

Ariel Yeh invites us to experience art as it is being released from the body. Here we are witness to the slow outpouring of Eva’s inner beauty. To move past the idea of pretty, as a presentation, and into the concept of beauty as becoming. That is powerful. We are not asked to merely pass judgement, we are invited to explore. That is instrumental. To be apart of the artistic evolution of the piece. Many say that the act of viewing is, of itself, a meaningful process. One in which the subject can be influenced by the viewers’ eyes. This tells us that unique energy can effect everything we see. These pictures present an invitation to experience the full spectral reality. Consumed by what we view. What is available to the mind is certainly as compelling as the spectacle seen by the eyes. Crawling into a corner this beautiful peacock takes a moment to let her feathers down. Listen to The Soul Within…

Art reaches out to meet it’s full potential as it aches to discover the spaces in-between. Like a friend who’s lost connection, we see in her eyes the spirit to rise. Coming from her soul there is a spiritual awakening. Extending her arms up as her delicate hands dangle down, with perfect extension each pose is found. Listening to every body part, she’s willing to give in, moved by the spirit of the ballerina. Joining her on this journey of discovery, we watch her evolve. This is a picture of purity in motion with stirring gestures that touch us like poetry. Grace touches her face. A phenomenon of true fluidity is found, between clinging to the skin and extending out to the winds. Feel the Spirit of the Ballerina.