Fei Fei Sun + Gigi Hadid in ‘Let There Be Light’ by Nick Knight for Vogue Hong Kong, March 2019

These winged creatures call to the wild like the beating heart of a new borne child. With voices strong and limbs so long… of beauty they do nothing but simply become. Art is a faction of fusion from one beating heart to the next. Aching to evolve the cypress branch of beauty does crawl. Up o’re the tree of knowledge proud… we raise our voices… speaking loud. For this is where our truth does lie… in the cradled arms of the somber sky. When what turns quietly into why… is when my tears begin their cry. Down my face for ever more to the waiting pond of my heart’s front door. Awaken to the splendor.

Fei Fei Sun + Gigi Hadid become beings of other worldly beauty in ‘Let There Be Light‘ By Nick Knight For Vogue Hong Kong March 2019. Her body bends like a ballerina in flight, this long-legged beauty of earthly delights, letting her limbs reach outta site longing to seize the splendor of night. Art envelopes the traveling mind as it goes into the vortex leaving nothing behind. Truth is a construct a concept of time told to your ears in silicon rhymes. In the face of my comrades I say with no shame in the earshot of enemies I quiet my game. Splendor comes alive with wondrous styles built by Anya Ziorova, and captivating cosmetics by Val Garland. Cover-shots transcend in exquisite designs by Chanel’s Haute Couture Spring 2019 Collection.

Anya Ziourova makes each outfit a style star with drama defining every design. Knight’s ethereal imagery celebrates the female experience, with fashions that float over the body. The atmosphere elevates the arena with abstract elements that take us to another dimension. Dynamic design shapes make a statement that’s strong, vibrant and real. Blown out beautiful, Diaphanous fabrics extends outta sight as Gigi spreads her wings like a butterfly mid-flight. Blending into an azure wall she bends back to catch her fall. Lifting an arm to a place on high reaching toward the sapphire sky. Billowing fabrics fly through the aire with a wistful midst of savoir faire. Spring colors seem to bloom on sight giving each piece the illusion of life. Like an angel laying across the ground her pink chiffon bursts out in circular surround.

Fei Fei explodes like a flower in bloom as petaled fabrics erupt in pink, purple and blue. Springtime continues with a leafy addition growing around her head and neck. A bulbous, feathered dress covers her upper body, with legs breaking free like endless stems. Val Garland uses the curves of Fei Fei’s face to continue the theme. The illusion is marked by light makeup. Her skin is kissed with pink cheeks and framed with heavy brows. Bright undertones take it to another level, giving her an otherworldly glow. These females may appear like delicate flowers, but when you look closely you see their intent. Here lightness plays to their strength. These diaphanous creatures could be confused for something weak or insubstantial. However, we see that grace gives them power. This is not weakness, this is Female Strength Personified.

A trio of transparent covers for the “We Have Landed” premier issue includes; The girls going double for the face-first close up. In the individual covers… Gigi wears a crystal, encrusted bathing-suit/cap, attached to a veiled train that cascades down her back. Blue silk and beaded gems dance off Fei Fei’s dress, as she stares straight into the camera, like a flower in bloom.

Enjoy this Inaugural Issue