Rianne Van Rompaey by Mert & Marcus for RE-Edition Magazine Issue 11

Rianne Van Rompaey revels in redolent reflection of 1994 by Mert & Marcus for Re-Edition Magazine Issue 11. Rianne’s dynamic look can go from natural to neo-natural with the blink of an eye. She is not a placid person. Her emotions are raw and real with feelings that run deep. Exposing the memories to a tantalizing twist. She travels back in time to explore the annals of the mind, expressing this excess with genuine authenticity. By embracing the era’s artistry we can better navigate it’s intent. This bold story pays homage to the act of seeking without actually sinking. A reality that eluded many a young genius. Mert & Marcus capture that reticent resilience that made this decade so unique.

Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott combine with brothers Dean and Dan Caten, of Dsquared2, to create The Mert & Marcus 1994 x Dsquared2. This compelling quartet creates chaos in the confines of couture. Producing a Limited Edition Collection that blurs the line between fashion and art. These artistic wares are designed to define the times when danger and decadence would often collide. This anthology of styles is a kiss to the decade. “The 90s are so inspirational… a time when music, art, and fashion all seemed to be liberating itself from the conventional norm. But 1994 particularly was a really special time – it was the year we created and presented the first DSquared2 collection in Paris.” This was also the year Mert & Marcus met. A bold collection that requires a visceral response, this pays homage to the era without getting mired in the melancholy.

Mert & Marcus take us back to their auspicious beginning. Back to a time when art was a collaborative effort. To an era when truth found it’s way into the design by way of thoughtful introspection. We were a thinking people. Out to defy the idea of mediocrity. Our plan was to expand the mind. This was the era of expansion. I appreciate the digital growth we’ve experienced over the last 20 years, however, I am not removed from the truth. Art is at it’s core a reflective issue. One that requires a discerning eye. We are in the midst of a critical crisis. Where all the insidious input of the inane, has exposed us to a kind of mind-numbing effect. So I say… take your mind back to a day… when the answer wasn’t a click away. To create meant to engage in independent thinking. This tale/topic shift allows for a similar type of time tripping effect. To reverse as it simultaneously catapults us ahead. Etched in our collective memory is the nostalgic narrative that leads us to the promise land.

Vanessa Reid embraces the raucous side of style with dynamic designs by Dsquared2. Defying the idea of decency, she joins forces to capture the music of the moment. There’s lyrical content to this story-line. Rich with nostalgia, yet dripping with decent. The tone of the times is clear, as each image is alive with a kind of neo-native 90’s vibe. Fashion was a fusion. Each statement is an extension of the forward movement. This profound collection from Dsquared2, features images of Kate Moss ~ poured over a number of the line’s most powerful pieces. Vanessa Reid captures elements of couture combined with vintage appeal. Retro never looked so inspired with tanks, trousers and a variety of blocked tops and baggy pants. Nothing was skin tight, yet everything seemed to scream sex. That is what made this decade so extreme. Here, we have a group of young people going at warp speed. The rush was addictive the adrenaline was real. This was a toxic combination. There were no rules and no stopping point. There was only authenticity.

Marked by mania, Isamaya Ffrench screeches past the stop sign in an effort to elevate and inspire. Uncovering the underbelly of beauty she seeks to celebrate this sentimental journey. This is a tale of too much never being enough. Looking into the last decade of the 1900’s, we recognize a century that saw a profound change. Here, we witness a seething mix of sorrow and sadness, tucked away under the outer shell of egoism. Brandishing itself like a child wanting attention. The skin then becomes a window, where everything expressed externally is an impression of the internal chaos. In the valley of vanity narcissism runs free. Everything is exposed, nothing is hidden. Deep in the chaotic underbelly of apathy lives a truth. Much like the years it’s reflecting this story holds nothing back. Each face is a mirror of the madness, exquisitely captured by the hand of Isamaya. Radically retro hair allows Cyndia Harvey to discover the joys of the buzz-cut. An orange line is drawn down the center of the scalp , like spray paint, indicating where the mohawk once was. This penetrates the walls of resistance showing us a shot of society’s secrets. This was 1994 at it’s core.

Inspired by the famed meeting of Mert & Marcus circa 1994, this is a tale that takes us back in time while is moves us ahead. Coming right off the 80’s left this decade reeling with a sense of disparate longing. This story mirrors the mania that fed this time period, with imagery made to mimic the intuitive struggle. Deeply moved by the creative elements of social society, while dangerously consumed with a sense of righteous indignation. This combination would lead to many a sad outcome, but not before and explosion of some of the most poignant artistry of it’s time.

This is a reflection of that sadness, strife, sensuality and strength. Poetically driven each picture is part of the greater piece, while sinking alone in sanguine solitude. This is reality remembered. We watched as many Grunge visionaries lost their battle in this poignant years; to include, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone (can’t help it I’m from Seattle). Each band struggled to hold the line between art and excess. This editorial mirrors the eruptive energy released during this decade. Shock Value was this thing as these dynamic groups galvanized a whole generation.