Sabah Koj, Lily Nova, Amber Witcomb & HyunJi by Sølve Sundsbø for Stern MODE

Sabah Koj, Lily Nova, Amber Witcomb and HyunJi Shin step inside the Sølve Sundsbø ride for Stern MODE Magazine. Sundsbø invites us to fly to the very edges of the mind’s eyes. Imploring us to let go of our limitations and stretch the imagination. This is a place inside where harmony hides. The cultural corner of aesthetic aspiration. A spot where your soul is set free. Here we see life and all it’s mysteries unfold. Anna Trevelyan takes us down the rabbit hole of haute couture, with designs that redefine the portals of time. Evolution unravels as synergistic energy erupts. Raw ideas mix with finished imagery making it less an editorial and more a real experience. Each image is eclectic leading to an odyssey of ecstasy. Fabrics fuse with there surroundings in ways that elate the senses. This is a world inside a world. Where fashion isn’t a choice, it’s an expression of your connection. Fantastical elements collide, engaging our physical and mental beings. In the abstract spaces of the collective mind lives a state of sheer debauchery where tightness unwinds. It’s there we suckle from the sweet teat divine, drinking til’ thinking makes our brains go blind. Sølve celebrates the high art of altered imagery, bringing visual abstraction into focus. Cameras can compel, from motion blur to forced perspective, trick photography is an engrossing art-form.

Here we are witness to craft of high couture. Mixing materials makes these outfits less about how they lay than how they can be portrayed. Digital designs are taken to extreme, with the use of photographic composition. Sabah wears a thin scarlet dress that sticks to the skin, as her body mutates in another direction. Amber sits on a stool donning a red-rubber, contorted bodysuit with a yellow bikini that lays innocently over the top. The limbs are purposely misshapen making her look like a body builder who’s muscles are melting. There is no foreground or background, as the distorted clothing design is part of the creative process. Each one-of-a-kind piece evokes a sense of spirited play. Free-formed shapes take place as fashions fuse with the environment. Creating a perspective ever changing, Anna alters these elements giving rise to a sense of oddly placed synergism. Allowing us to view each conceptual construct through an independent lens (as it were). Sometimes the image is stretched and sometimes it’s merely the fabric. By not imposing digital reinvention on every shot, the question of uniformity takes on new meaning.

Special effects are only as ~ Special ~ as the person’s talent allows. Here we experience something beyond simple camera tricks. We venture into the high-art form of facial crafting. Lisa Eldridge uses the skin as an expression of creative cosmetics. Connecting it in such a way, as the makeup appears a natural extension of the style statement. This allows the evolution of high fashion to take place with atypical applications that compliment. By exploring the cohesive venture of couture, this travels ever farther into the far reaches of the imagination. The nuanced nature of live art lives in the moments in-between. Skin is about the within as much as it is the outer shell. Eldridge expands on this concept by applying color in unexpected areas. She draws a silver stripe over Sabah’s brows, only to follow form by covering Amber’s entire face with the same shade. Lily’s skin leaves us breathless, as a lavender surprise surrounds her eyes. Makeup is an illusion. We see Sabah wearing wire glasses that appear to show her shining eyes, but instead shock us with a strange surprise. Standing in front of a moody, purple backdrop and behind a pane of glass with rain coming down. We see, these bright, blue eyes aren’t her own. A masque of photographic manipulation sits upon her face. Wires connect down to a piece that curves around her mouth, and then to a circle formed in the center of the lips. The look is both disturbing and dynamic… just as we would expect.

Olivier Schawalder creates finger-waves that capture theme of transformation, as Amber steps into another era making her a reflection of 20’s perfection. Eldridge completes the conceptual theme, with pencil-thin brows and overdone eyes. Dynamic dews alter impact, as Lily floats through the aire with long, blue hair wearing nothing but a pair of blooming, blue bottoms. Tight pin-curls are covered with a net overlay and crown, while loose curls and a high collar give a more vintage affectation. Finally, she stands in front of a looming, blue sky donning shaggy waves and a grey, painted face. HyunJi invites hair drama in a red bob topped with a black stripe, while blending into the lush background in a gown made of green. Schawalder’s ever changing coiffure heightens the intrigue, while his transitional styles add a sense of wild adventure. It’s a mad/mad world.

Sundsbø builds a bridge of many as ~ Beauty Stands Independent Yet is Artfully Cohesive ~ the final picture portrays Sajah sitting in tye-died fabric like a Spring Flower in full bloom. Let Spirit Move You!