The Fashionable Lampoon

Bibi Abdulkadir, Idina Moncreiffe, Ololade IbrahimMaria Vitoria, Alice Vink & Violet Threlfall are spirits of triumph in ‘To Be Resilient’ by Michal Pudelka for The Fashionable Lampoon, SS 2019. THROUGH FLOORS OF FUTILITY… UP WALLS OF PURE WONDER… O’RE CEILINGS OF CERTAINTY WE FIND OURSELVES HOME. Resilience… I Am Spirit Created of Ethos and Earth… I Am One with the Land… I Am Mother Earth.

The concert of humanity plays on with Women depicted in everyday circumstances. Fighting for their right to not just exist, but to evolve within the parameters of that existence. We honor their right to rise up and be heard. We all take up a completely unique space. None like no others and no others like our own. We are utterly individual species. Exquisite because of this distinction. Our atoms form in distinct ways… making every human beautifully unique. I marvel at the majesty of human existence. Open your mind to find that truth in not a conceptual notion. It is an element that extends past the personal flowing into a pool of the collective. To that end, we can see that our truth stature doesn’t just effect our standing in the universe. It’s a concert of the collective… It’s a measure of the united mind.

What we are looking at is what we don’t see. A solemn view of truth captured in quick succession. These are pictures of today’s females, still, fighting the war of unity. This powerful art is a reflection of that war. The most important thing to remember is that just because things seem better, doesn’t mean we are finished fighting. It’s only over when we have won with the equal dispersion of rights. What is going on right now in Mississippi etal, is a disgusting example of how easy it is for people to take a giant step backwards. It’s hard for me to write about such a subject, knowing there are those whom are trying to enact this law as we speak. Whether Quiet or Loud It’s Time for Inner Strength to Stand Proud. Those who are moved to do… NOW IS THE TIME. We are in dire circumstances. It’s time for great minds to connect.

Alessandro Fornaro uses fashion that’s apropos for the environment, while throwing in pieces that will spin you around. The message is clear, To be OUT-Standing you have to be will to draw OUT-Side the lines. I see these women as all versions of one person. Different, but the same. This poetic take on the art of being allows us to get inside the heart of humanity. We can feel the collective yearning. Some of these images have the girls connected, while others have them defiantly disconnected. Of one mind, we watch these women connect. Hope rises and falls as humans ache to evolve. I see them reaching for poetic harmony. Here we see a physical manifestation of the female enlightenment. To understand our place in the universe, we must be willing to accept our significance as a species. This speaks to a greater point. One of unification. As a people we need to be unified.

We are stuck, but we are aware. We are divided but we care. The symbolism of this story speaks to a greater point. Here we see the females are topless. Grasping onto each other as if they are drowning in a pool of dispassion. We must look at the image, get comfortable with the discomfort, and find a way to channel our rage. We must displace our hate for the years of oppression. We must make our way to unification. That doesn’t inhibit independence, rather, it lends itself to a greater understating of yourself and those around you. Virtually ensuring a deeper connection with the truth. … What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!

I Am Your Mother I Am Your Child I Am One With Earth and Wild.